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The A.D. Book of the Dead

By:Dr. Gordon Mays Baird
Date: Tue,09 Nov 2010

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The A.D. Book of the Dead

This Book tries to explain God’s “Game of Life.”

and what Happens when we Die.

By John Logie Bairds Son

Gordon Mays Baird

Chapter 1

I am trying to tell the World of the lessons, I have learnt in this life, and unusually, my past life which I can recall quite well. I will also try to guide you through the life after death and on to reincarnation perhaps heaven it's self. As we progress you yourself will be able to use the same techniques, as I use to talk to loved ones who have passed on and therefore prove that our soul goes onward, to be punished if we are bad or to be reincarnated if because of our good behavior we are given another chance, or if we have helped others as our Lord's request, then to be in heaven with our maker, our Alien God. I call God an alien god because over the years various religions have made the name of God sound trite. This book is not about any religion and as you will see religion is totally unimportant. Heaven will be better than we can ever imagine, whilst the punishment for sinning could be the worst of the things we see done on earth, or can be imagined by man. I also call him our Alien God as when we went to live in the USA we were classed as Aliens. I know that God is not from this earth so is to us, an Alien God. Plus the joke writers and cynics have over the years made the name of Jesus something to be avoided, almost Jeered at.

Evil is present in all of us, and a force to contend with (see how many joined in running the Holocaust) along with the good, which must be continually monitored. So we may have to return in reincarnation to this earth many times, to receive our punishment for sinning, [Which is thought up by man himself ) as well as trying again to improve our selves, to Gods standards. Gods standards are that we live by Gods rules of life, until we too reach perfection in our Alien Gods eyes. Often the question is asked when something goes wrong with our lives, “ Why me?” or “Where was God in the Holocaust?” God has given us the earth and put us on it as a test, as a trial how we use it, and what we do with the gift, is up to us and how we think fit to act. Mankind has a freedom of choice, and it was man, normal German people, who made and ran the Holocaust not our Alien God.

The very first commandment is “Thou shalt not kill.” The outstanding point is, who ever said that there would be no punishment for sinning? for not obeying the Commandments? or breaking Gods rules? After Jesus, it was presumed that there would be no punishment for breaking Gods rules, as Jesus would be the one that could forgive us our sins opening the door to heaven and everlasting life. All that was required was a plea of forgiveness just before death, and all would be well. But it is forgiveness with chastisement, with punishment for our sinning.

I have the strange and unusual ability to remember my last life, and I can see the things I did wrong, and the way I hurt others instead of helping them. The lessons, and influences of my past life, were carried with me into this life. So I now have the chance to correct them, and achieve everlasting happiness.

It now becomes difficult to explain. A friend of mine was convinced that he would die at the age of Thirty years old. The date came and passed without incident. The feeling was so powerful that he was truly surprised when he passed thirty, without any trouble at all. There was no reason that he should feel this, almost terror as this birthday approached. Suddenly it dawned on me that thanks to me being to remember my past life that this fear, was something that was brought along from his past life into this life. In fact all our unexplained thoughts and desires or fears come directly from our past life or lives. In his case all that was left to do was to peer into the past lives of his deceased family. Upon this closer investigation we found out that his Cousin had died at thirty he also worked for N.A.S.S.A. being desperate to fly. My friend is determined to become a pilot!

Due to many other connections we are convinced that my friend is the Cousin reincarnated. It seems that all these unexplained urges and needs, come from our past life, and are requests of our soul.

My stepfather Stanley Mays was a printers fire loss assessor, so as I grew I was drenched in printing. Yet as history shows as soon as I could I became an engineer as my father John Logie Baird was. The things we carry from one life to the next, take the form of unaccountable urges to do something, or be something and you cannot understand why. As I left school within a short time I had left the job in print that Stanley had found and was working as a Garage mechanic. I had fulfilled a inbuilt urge to become a motor engineer, which my heredity father was in his life time. I love new ideas and to invent, my father also did this. I had almost no contact at all with my father, before he died, we would therefore presume that he would have had no influence in my life. Even though my step father was always pushing me into the printing trade, I ended up as a motor engineer? eventually owing my own garage. If all orphans listen to their urges, then they will know their history, follow this and they will be far more content in their life.

As you read the this book and learn the secrets to the journey of this life, and the after life, we have to keep foremost in our minds that we must obey our Lords rules and Commandments. To greatly simplify these I managed to condense them all into a simple sentence which is “ HELP EACH OTHER” and by this deed we prove our selves worthy of Heaven. It becomes logical that if I am truly helping you, I will not kill you, or will not steal from you, all I want is to help you in any way I can. In that simple way all of Gods laws are obeyed. The trouble with the Bible it is hard to gather the facts and as we hear of the rules and commandments from God, added to by his son Jesus, and other prophets, the whole issue becomes somewhat clouded. Today we unwittingly break laws as we feel that in the modern climate they do not apply. I doubt that this is the case and we should aspire to obey all Gods laws. I managed with the help of my belief in the Lord to compress the laws into the one sentence I wrote earlier which is "Help each other while on this earth" this I am positive will give you a good safe ride through the afterlife, maybe even a direct staircase to Heaven.

In my past life I committed adultery just before my death and as a form of punishment my soul was forced to inhabit the body I made. This caused me to suffer greatly in my youth and in later years I am in constant pain, from this sickly body. I am reaping the rewards of my sin. I pray for forgiveness and hope I can this time obey Gods rules, and finish with the trials, and go directly to heaven.

We are trying to achieve a place in Heaven, this life on earth or as we now know the game, is controlled by God down to the minutest detail. Our souls are placed into the human shell or body, then we arrive on this earth in the hope that as we play Gods game, in the game, we hope to earn enough credits to allow us entry into Heaven. I feel the old pathway was so hard, and the temptations in Gods game, so enticing that we were totally lost souls, It was then in our lowest time, just when we needed him,

God sent his son among us to hold our hand, and make it easier to attain in the ultimate state of everlasting life, through the forgiveness of Gods Son.

Next, a very important fact arises that helps us to understand the question “Why write this book now?” Both the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Tibetan Book of the Dead were written one before Jesus, and the other very soon after Jesus, before Christianity had spread. This mitigating fact that causes me to rewrite the past books of the Dead volumes, hoping to update, and simplify the knowledge within, allowing every soul a chance to reach Heaven. It is the fact that Jesus can forgive our sins which makes it much easier to travel through the after life in safety. Just by following in our Lords footsteps, will allow some even to attain a direct path to God in Heaven. The story of how I know that Jesus, is a Alien and that our main being, or souls are in his “Ultimate Video Game” here on earth, is long and somewhat complicated so I will try to sort it out so that you can understand, how I am and feel positive of what I say and write as I remember the path and the disappointment when I had to return to earth being reincarnated instead of the Gates of Heaven opening for me.
Chapter Two

I was conceived by a union between the inventor of television, John Logie Baird, and his live in house keeper a Kathleen Faux, who was from a village North east of London called Abridge. The village of Abridge is set among the rolling hills of Essex England and surrounded by fields defined by hedges, with some acres of woodland alive with wild life. The village was at the time of my mothers youth, a small village, yet blessed with a stunning square, surrounded by Timber framed Tudor styled shops and buildings, showing off their black and white structures to the soft sunlight of North London. In the square there was also a selection of typical English pubs, each so different to its brother, that not one, was in competition with the other.

One building for some reason lost in time had a external clock, which the whole village relied on for setting there clocks at home, to using it to tell the time for work. A story was told, that every man that worked at the builders yard in the village would wait under the clock, every morning, smoking and talking until the first stroke of the hour then they all would go into the yard and clock on for work. One snowy morning in winter everything was normal, the men waited and chatted until the first chime rang out over the square. The men entered there workplace and were met by a very angry boss! They were all ten minutes late, and a mornings pay was deducted from each man. It turned out that as sport the lads had been up early and snowballed the clock hand until it was ten minutes slow. It seems that Stanley was among the boys snowballing. His step father appeared that night spitting venom, threatening to personally kill the boys who did it. He never found out that the boys, included his stepson Stanley, but the boy lived in terror for a few days.

Thanks to the modern Tube Train which stopped at the next village along Chigwell, you could be in Central London easily within the hour. The country living seemed to have given my mother a deep insight into life, and along with her many home healing remedies she had a good knowledge of the Bible. I am sure, that somehow the country people relied on there instincts, and used them in many ways just to survive. If they were hungry during the war they would go into the fields and “Bag” a rabbit eating almost every part of the animal. The skin or fur would be stretched and tanned to make a warm winter coat later. Mother showed us children many tricks and ways to survive. Stanley my step father was well brought up, as his mothers family were wealthy London Tailors. At times my step father would be embarrassed at my mothers lack of formal education, but once in the country side she ruled supreme. Collecting mushrooms confident she had the right ones, gleaning enough corn to make bread, catching rabbits and grouse just with a stick. This Game and the pies she made which included pigeons was The food of Kings. This mix of mothers country earth like soul, and the sharp inventive questioning mind placed in one body, allowed each side to learn from the other making its self known.
Chapter 2

When I was born, Kathleen Faux my mother, was married to this half Greek man called Stanley Gordon Mays. Kathleen already had one son to Stanley, called Bernard. On one fateful day for some unknown reason Mother had decided to visit her old boss John Logie Baird. He was now living and working in his laboratory on the south coast of England in a town called Hastings. This town has its name firmly written in the pages of history as the great Battle of Hastings was fought there in the year of 1066 as every school child in England knows. It was an important battle for the English. The lines were drawn up between the Saxons and the Normans all was well until an arrow from a unknown Norman struck King Harold in the eye, killing him on the spot. The Saxons pressed on for a short time but under the pressure retreated having lost their leader they soon lost the battle to the French Normans.

My father John Logie Baird had moved south because of constant ill health, which he managed to pass on to me, he found the warm sea air did him some good, so he set up a laboratory there to continue his experiments into television, creating high definition, thousand line colour television and three dimensional television before his sad early death, aged fifty seven. His then successful Baird Television Company, had been taken over buy the clever, financiers of the day, who had allowed Baird to use their facilities in London, to improve the then successful television. With his own private funds he had continued to work in his south coast workshop. In his youth he had found that Selenium reacted with light,sending out an electrical charge, this so fascinated him, with the idea of eliminating the use of chemicals, in the photographic process, he set out to make a electric camera. Because of his then interest in photography, and his very enquiring mind, this soon developed from static pictures into moving pictures, television. He most of the time worked alone and his achievements were stunning. When he died in 1946 aged fifty seven he had achieved a television with 1000 lines and in full color which he had added three dimension to. Excited by his achievement which was done without funding and just by using everyday things around him, he reveled it to the world. It was as if the world had blinkers on, concerning his invention, not only did the newspapers ignore him and he was hindered by the then, rather backward BBC, having a somewhat foolish man at the helm John Reith. They were both, that is the BBC and John Reith, unwilling to invest in his project or in fact just to give him a license to broadcast his programs. After a lengthy struggle, which cost valuable time as the world was catching up, he was at last given a license. In the time John was waiting, he had been to Germany and met Adolph Hitler, who was able at that time, to see further than the short sighted English and accepted television with enthusiasm, immediately granting John a license to broadcast as soon as possible.

On his return to England the BBC at last granted him a licensee to broadcast, and more funds became available to set up a studio and start the broadcasts. He was the first man to put television on the air with many programs that he at first selected. He also managed to transmit television to the USA. from England using a ship placed mid Atlantic to act as a relay station. Radio and Television signals travel in a straight line so that due to the earth being a round ball, at one point the signals just go off into space. The relay ship was placed so that the signal would be caught and send off again hitting New York before they left the earth and headed out to space. The still young open minded USA at this time understood the value of television and to John Logie’s utter surprise they greeted him as a hero and he was welcomed at the dock by a complete Scottish pipe and drum band. This greeting was a total surprise to him, and he mentioned the fact in his memoirs. It was around this time he met a young lady, Margaret Albu, who was a concert pianist. His true love, Alice or Sue had married, while he was away developing new ideas in the Caribbean. It had broken his heart on his return to England that she had not loved him enough to believe in him, and wait. Driven by total despair and sheer desperation he managed to work out a sharing plan with his rival. The deal meant that she, would sometimes be with John for several months at a time, then with her husband. He confessed to his housekeeper Kathleen Mays that he always had a hope that one day he would meet someone who would make him forget Alice, so that he could have a normal relationship and marriage which would lead to a normal life to show the world.

As the famous, including many film stars, had started to come calling, to see his invention, television. He met this Margaret Albu from South Africa Margaret at the time, seemed to fit the bill, she was from a good family, it was a big draw also, that she was a concert pianist, as Baird with his perfect pitch ear adored piano music and had always been strongly attracted to anyone who could play. To my joy father passed down the perfect pitch ear and listening to music is like listening in colour as with a normal ear it is just black and white. It seems that Margaret was from a wealthy upper class South African family who did not quite accept John the eccentric inventor into their family as expected. Soon sadly the piano music stopped, quickly followed by there love, the whole episode had not softened, or eased Bairds deep inexplicable love and passion for the elusive Alice. In the end was Reaith and the BBC cost Great Britain to lose the world lead in Television by making everything so difficult for Baird. The other countries were grabbing Bairds patents as soon as they could. This makes me so sad as father also invented fiber optics and it was given to the USA!!

After his untimely death in 1946 his patents laid idle until RCA an American Company after spending 75 million pounds trying to make color television and failing, grabbed the then dormant Baird patents as “Prior Art” so they could escape paying any funds to the Baird’s. Even though the Baird family were desperately short of money having soon spent or squandered on private schools, the considerable sum left by John at his death, some five thousand pounds, [Enough to buy over five or more houses at the time] the use of John’s patents was undefended by his remaining family with the result that England lost the patents to television. It seems that there was sparse interest in John or his work from all his family and including my mother, his housekeeper, It seemed they all just ignored his wonderful patents including the patent that he registered to deal with later, Fiber Optics. Directly through not caring they that is his and family let millions upon millions go to the USA

I am just stunned that Malcolm can write that his father left nothing, when they had his workshop and patents. I often say to people be afraid to die. Please read on. His Fiber Optics patent, which he held also eventually ran out and was picked up by the medical profession in the 1950’s, free of charge, oops there goes some $50,000,000 and developed into a runaway success which we know to day. This letting such important patents go and not understanding the situation shows that his own family had no idea what he was doing and worse still no interest in the man!
Chapter 3

John who by this time was noticed by the government and he became involved in the second World War, in the development of radar, and many other things. It by this time seems as if John was some kind of outcast in his own family nestled on the South coast. He had become great friends with the charismatic Englishman Sir Winston Churchill who not only did he admire but they also had a lot in common. Kathleen would greet him and look after him until John appeared. They both had enquiring minds so everything was fair game for them, from building walls, to oil painting, photography each posed questions that needed answers. Both were interested in life after death, and the world of psychics. Questions such as how do I make silken folds of fabric with oil paints on a canvas? to what is the best way to build a wall? And what causes gravity? Winston was fascinated in Johns work, quickly foreseeing the greatness of television, how with one short half hour he could reach the world with his speeches. In a mutual liking he often paid John Logie Baird unannounced visits. Kathleen my mother would tend to Winston’s every need and they too became friends. Once as mother and Stanley lived in Wanstead which was Winston’s constituency he was canvassing and spotted Mother in the crowd. Calling her over he said “Kathleen, give me the boy,” Mother handed me over with my bright blond Baird hair and held me for the press photos. After John’s sad and untimely death, and once over the shock, his wife tried to redeem John’s name I feel that sadly with little knowledge of the man or his work, so success eluded her. Alice Johns soul mate arrived at the funeral and was comforted by the understanding Margaret, a further indication of the marriage.

The fact that John Logie Baird had alone managed to set up the very first working television system had soon been forgotten in the rush of others, who knew of his death, to try to cash in on his fame by claiming that they had invented the true television with a cathode ray tube. The main advance in television was the invention of the cathode-ray tube which rightly superseded fathers mechanical system, as it was a great improvement. The mechanical scanning system came about because of the lack of funds, John had managed to make television and prove his idea worked stunningly without any funds, just by using anything that was cheap and available.

The users of the cathode-ray tube clamed that they were the true inventors of television, but today with the much better “Flat screen” applications means that the cathode-ray tube is relegated to history, leaving the cathode ray tube fans with egg on their faces, and only a claim in fact to nothing! So are the flat screen makers now promoted to the giddy heights of Television inventors? I don’t think so, and again father can keep, and wear the Crown of Genius Television inventor.

To reiterate this was a man working alone, deprived of money or any funding, so using what was handy, and affordable like bicycle parts and plywood managed to make and get Television up and running. His original television scanned the scene mechanically with improvements the mechanical system was superceded by an all electronic cathode ray tube. When this happened John with his dexterity and agile mind soon learnt glass blowing, making his own cathode ray tubes to his own specifications and adopting this system in his color television. Which later could also be viewed in three dimension.

A stunning even if somewhat late recognition of fathers work came when his video camera was used on the moon landings, as it was felt that is was the more reliable, system to use on such an important mission. Just to end this description of my fathers work I must add again in defense of him that the Wright brothers were the first to fly a heaver than air aircraft, so it is accepted that they discovered flight. Boeing air craft factory have greatly enhanced the early airplane that the Wright Brothers used, this does not mean that Boeing were the inventors of flight? No that honor still is and always will be held by the Wright Brothers. The same rules apply to John Logie Baird he was the inventor of television, the first to get a television station up and running, first to transmit pictures across the Atlantic Ocean first with three dimensional television so without any doubt he is the inventor of television. Had father had the proper backing from the English Government and the BBC he could have helped to put the “Great” back into Britain. At this stage I must add that I too am struggling to find backers for my inventions which can save lives, and include 3D television, which is much better than the Phillips design. I can also stop avalanches and flooding. I have the fastest car on earth but no money or backers.
Chapter 3

Mothers visit to John in Hastings, must have been a very close with her old boss John Logie, as it was on that visit I Gordon Robert, was conceived. She had been Johns live in housekeeper for a number of years. After she had answered an advertisement in the paper and managed to “fit the bill” as they say. John and Kathleen were alone most of the time as John had sent his wife to Hastings with there boy and girl for safety, at the beginning of the second World War. Mother never gave any indication as to wither the relation ship was just a meet up for sex now and then or if it was in anyway more. From her stories she told she was certainly very at home in the house and workshop. One story was that she was serving at dinner when there was some important people there when John Logie complained to Mother as a spoon was dirty. In spite, or frustration, she went out of the room, spat on the spoon and then after a quick polish she returned it to the table. I feel that this is the behavior of a scorned woman, not a housekeeper. Nether one was in love with the other but both were thrown together. On the deck of the sinking Titanic women were determined to stay with there husbands, and yet Margaret stayed in Hastings without any trouble?

Due to pressure of work, and his wife’s depression after the birth of her child, John seldom saw his wife and children, this threw John closely together with the 25years younger Kathleen his live in housekeeper who while doing everything for John allowing him time to work uninterrupted, she had inadvertently become his surrogate wife. It was Kathleen’s job to greet all visitors, who included the famous such as Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, and most of the film stars of the day, including the very popular Radio stars. Kathleen did everything for John, from cooking, cleaning, laundry. Kathleen also had a great artistic background, that runs in the “Faux” family tree. She became involved with Johns hobby which he loved, photography, John had bought Kathleen a large professional tin of watercolor paints, in the hope she would Tint some of his photos. This she did and she would sit many evenings and tinting his photographs for him with a deft hand, making them look like the colour photographs of today, listening to the wireless. The pair were alone a lot, including the long dark cold winter evenings, and Kathleen, with a deep admiration for John and seems to have succumbed to Johns undoubted Scottish charm, allowing sexual union. I feel the visit and the resulting sexual act between them was a kind of “Old times sake” thing as maybe they both sensed that it would probably be the last time that they would meet. They both had a deep affection for each other, but John was still deeply in love with his soul mate Alice who he had not seen for ages. Kathleen then married to a local boy in her village, Stanley who she seemed to love. Sadly the visit to John left Kathleen pregnant, and not knowing who was the father. In total panic she kept quite about her love in with John, telling her husband Stanley it was his child, hoping all would be well when the child was born. When I arrived I had the bright blond scurfy hair of John, and a pale skin that soon gave the game away.

The half Greek Stanley understandably was devastated at his wife’s infidelity, and on many occasions in total frustration became violent to his wife Kathleen, chastising her for her infidelity.

Photographs of me, Johns son, were sent to John, who would respond eventually with some form of compensation. He would buy a house for the Mays, in Wanstead North East London. They could keep the house as long as they raised me as there own. son in the home, with their son Bernard. Bernard had the dark hair and skin of the Greek heritage, so obvious in Stanley. Although living a normal married life, it seemed as if Stanley, had some gay tendencies, liking the friendship of men as much as women. A deal was worked out between his wife and himself, in compensation for her misdeed with John, Stanley’s gay friends could visit the house at anytime. The result was When I was a child both Mother and step Father hated to even touch me, the very sight of me at times could understandably enrage Stanley so much that he would fist and beat me in an uncontrollably frenzy. Stanley’s gay friends who often appeared at the house, even when Stanley was working away , never abused or mistreated either my elder brother Bernard or myself, in fact they were the only ones that showed any care, love, or tenderness towards us, even bathing both my brother and myself with kindness and gentleness.

I was kept around the Mays family because the house was partly in my name. Mother was always very cross at me for arriving, blaming me for the whole incident, it was if she thought or even had some knowledge that I was the father John her lover, so she just despised me. I feel that it is often shown as we go through life that the women are the stronger sex.

[1]When John was working on television he had managed to transmit a picture but due to several problems the picture lacked detail and if the image was a head it was impossible to distinguish or identify the owner of the face. It was unthinkable to ask a person to sit in front of the camera day after day while he sorted out the reasons for the lack of clarity of his screen. He then had an idea to make a paper mashie puppets head and use that as a test subject. The whole idea was successful and in later years the puppet’s head became famous as Sookie Bill. The very strange thing is that when I was about ten years old and still living with the Mays in Wanstead London, I was wanting something to do in the school summer holidays. I had seen in a comic the way to make paper mashie it also said that almost anything could be made from the basic mixture. I set to work and had soon produced, with the help of a toilet roll inner cardboard tube, a puppets head uncannily like Sookie Bill. Mother never said a word about the strange event, I had copied fathers puppet almost exactly from years before. Yet she would later would tell me of her life with John Logie Baird, which she had loved so much yet could never mention because of her husband Stanley. One day she began telling me about Johns invention television, I felt annoyed, as strangely I knew all about it and how it worked even at that young age of five. I knew of a problem of blurring of the picture and after many sleepless nights how the idea came to place a blank cover over the lens, between each picture. This then cured the blur and at least made the picture good enough so that a face could be recognized.. As I grew up, I would glean stories from Mother, about her life with my father the inventor of television, and the many famous people she knew. From the dislike she normally showed me a softness would appear, and as if she was sorry for her treatment of me, she would tell me of wonderful things that happened while she was with my father working as housekeeper. She was a young girl and thanks to this eccentric inventor, the whole world came to her door seeking my father and wanting to see this television. Her days with John were filled with interest, and excitement, as mother greeted the wealthy and famous of the time. She would often do art work on photographs for John who was a keen photographer, d3eveloping and printing his own photos. She met many from the artistic community, who would share with her their secrets of painting techniques deep into the night these people and their talents impressed her the most. She had funds in a Bank and became friends with many of the very famous visitors. Winston Churchill was always a favorite of mothers.

I have set the stage and explained my heritage, how I arrived in this World, as this has great bearing on how I have the authority to write “The Book of the Dead.” At that time I understood nothing, and It would be a long time before I could relate all the strange happenings of my life, the strange urges, adding them together then fitting them together piece by piece until a finished picture appeared like a Jig-Saw and finally seeing the whole.

As a child I had no idea why I was so disliked by both mother and as I thought my father Stanley, or why the images were in my head, of many things, including an exact picture of the girl I wanted to marry, who I would seek into my thirties. Yet I could sense the strangeness of my life in comparison to my friends, how many so things I could not understand and did not fit. I knew that I was famous or was to become famous. I knew the girl I was to marry and hoped to meet her at school. I knew that I did not remotely fit into the Mays and relied heavily on my elder brother Bernard, and my younger sister Liz as they were the only ones to touch me or help me in life and education. Mother would tell my girlfriends later in life how slow I was to learn to walk, omitting to tell them I learnt on my own, as she admitted later she never helped me, almost as if knowing I could be John and she needed to punish me for making her pregnant, yet temporally forgetting that John also gave her the greatest life any young girl could ever have asked for. I do remember being ignored and as a way to get attention and out of total frustration I would bang my head on the door jamb Many times growing up I would look at Stanley and my half brother and sister, with curiosity as I knew I was different, and that some day I would be important and well known. Through the many beatings I always knew I was special. I could find little in my siblings to settle my curiosity as to who really was my Father as there were no photographs of John in the home.

As a unloved child I found comfort, and love of sorts, from anybody who would stand still enough for me to grab. Stanley my step father was brought up in the Jewish faith, Kathleen was more Baptist. Stanley was also illegitimate his mother Edith becoming pregnant to a Greek sea Captain while spending her inheritance money on her World Tour. On her arrival home pregnant, she was thrown out by her family, who left her to survive alone with a baby son. She had to place her son my stepfather, Stanley, in an orphanage, so that she could earn a living. Eventually she met a Mr. Page. a local man from Abridge Nr London England who was so besotted with her, he married her even though she was a ”marked woman,” having given birth to a love child out of wedlock. With this in mind it is understandable that step father would have nothing to do with the Jewish religion, and changed his faith, to Baptist, in line with his wife Kathleen, much to her joy. This move placed mother as the spiritual leader of the Mays household, so it was her idea to join the coach going to visit a Billy Graham Rally, at Harringay London a trip organized by our local Baptist Church in Wanstead.

I must have been around eleven years old at that time. The arranged coach party gathered outside the church all excited to attend Harringay Stadium and hear the World renown Billy Graham talk. My Mother and Stepfather with my half brother and half sister, boarded the coach, and set out with other members of the church. The seats we were allotted in the arena were about, as far away from Billy and Crew on stage, as possible, but this did not prevent us from enjoying the whole service. I was amazed by the sound time lag, from stage to ear, and the wonderful noise made by so many people when singing to our Lord. In the end Billy said with authority that a man named Jesus loved me, and would forgive all my sins, all I had to do was follow Jesus, allowing him into my life. Now I had never been loved, and was so desperate for someone to like me, or better still love me that I really began to take notice and listen. I was blamed rightfully, for all the wrong that happened in the Mays household, and was certainly knew I was not wanted and did not fit in. So with the knowledge that Jesus wanted me and would forgive me for all I had done to Mother and the Mays, was stunning, wonderful news to me. When at the end of the service Billy Graham, called on anyone who wanted to let Jesus into there lives, to come forward down just in front of the stage. I was one of the first to rise and travers down the long wooden galleries without any thought of the Mays, I had left sitting in their seats, at the rear of the auditorium, or even thinking how I would ever find them again. Along I went to the main aisle, where I was joined by so many people walking down en-masse, on their way to pronounce there love, and adoption of Jesus into their lives. The piano was so out of tune it was almost a honky tonk piano. The great choir were singing in the background almost just a soft “hum” “Just as I am thine own to be.” The audience was softly joining the choir, just enough to drown out the footsteps, of the people traversing the wooden walkways, heading down, to show there acceptance of God, into their lives. Billy Graham saying “Come now, for now is the time,” “Jesus loves you” there standing In that crowd of people I gave my heart to Jesus, as he was the very first person, I ever heard of that actually loved me, and wanted me. At last I knew and felt that I was loved.

I spoke with a councilor who gave me some tracts and phone numbers that you could ring, if you had the privacy and money for a call, it helped a little, as inside I did feel loved, for the first time, since leaving Whips Cross Hospital. This love from the nurses I knew was a fleeting love and would not last forever, however much I adored it, and now I had a permanent love, the love of Jesus. I had not given a thought to the Mays, and tired of being beaten, and unloved felt it would be great if both Mother and Stepfather just disappeared from my life. I stood in the crowd, around the stage, people all talking to councilors. My councilor had soon left as I was only a child, and not worth bothering with, too much. But unsure of what to do next, I stood there, wondering and hoping, that I would be taken away by someone. Perhaps I was waiting for someone to ask if I needed help in any way, or maybe the Mays would beat a hasty retreat, leaving me there, getting rid of me at last. Sadly I was ignored, Years later when I found out who my true father was I wrote telling Billy how much he had helped me in my hard life. Again I was ignored, after some more tries I gave up. A team should answer all mail as I felt cheated, I am sure God will say something to Billy.

I had seen an exit and with my partner, for the first time in my life, I felt confident enough to use it and escape the Mays. That moment in time, was the closest I ever came to leaving the Mays household. Yet I just did not move, I could not move, almost as if in a daze I just stood there, pondering about my disappearance, and what exactly to do. Yet my mind I had left and I was out of the Arena, and running on the wet London pavements to a better life. Then, again, just as in the hospital, Stanley and my mother suddenly appeared, looming darkly over me. I was not pleased to see them. Mother seemed happy, even Stanley smiled and patted me, I was patted a lot so maybe it was the blond hair? They were in public, and it looked good, but on our return home life quickly returned to normal. As the coach lights disappeared into the blackness, the rain making the lights twinkle on the road growing ever smaller as they disappeared into the distance, taking the safety of people with them. The difference now was, I knew that Jesus loved me, because Billy Graham had said so, and I felt different inside. Within a short time I was beaten by Stanley again. But this time the difference was Billy Graham had given me someone to help and because he was inside, it was impossible for Stanley or anyone to take him from me. I had somehow gained a new inner strength.

I told Bernard about my near disappearance and that total joy I had felt knowing that I would wake one morning without the dreaded Stanley being there. This now gave both Bernard and myself a renewed vigor, and the courage, to try to improve our situation at home. After the next Sunday school we carefully planned to stay behind and speak to the Minister, about our depressing situation, of being continually beaten, and about Mother being beaten as well, as he too we hoped must know of Jesus' love, and want to help his own Sunday school boys. As the minister stood alone contemplating some papers he had in his hand, with nobody else around we approached. “Could we talk to you please sir” we asked in our best mannered voice, quacking with fear, “How can I help you boys” the reply came, as he put the papers down, the bright collar confirming his honesty, and care, to us boys. At that moment we were standing close together, touching each other relying on each other for bravery, We were also adamant that our story be told and the beatings stopped so we haltingly continued “We and our mother are constantly beaten by our father and we hope that you may be able get us taken into care, to stop it.” The totally unexpected reply came “Well you are lucky boys to have Stanley as a father, not only is he a pillar of our church, but he is always the perfect gentleman,” pausing he scratched his head then after a little time he said to our joy “I think I can help I shall call on your parents today, in fact this afternoon.” So the Minister had promised to help, and true to his word he arrived at our front door soon after we had arrived home. Stanley, surprised to see him, greeted him with a smile and a warm handshake. As the Minister entered he said to Stanley “I am so sorry to disturb you, but I have something important to tell you,” adding to our utter dismay “Your boys are telling lies about you Stanley, they are saying that you beat them and your wife.” “These rumors need controlling before it gets out of hand.” Acting totally unfazed Stanley said with a smile “Well boys will be boys, Sit down Kathleen will bring us some tea.” Mother of course agreed with her husband and confirmed that we were jokers and had the perfect childhood. They settled to talk, immediately Stanley praised the Vicar for such a moving service and sermon that morning, saying how lucky Aldersbrook was to have him. Vanity appeased the vicar was totally blinded by the cleaver Stanley, making him forget about the very reason he had called on the Mays. Soon after tea and cakes and while we were cowering in our room, the Vicar left. As soon as the Minister left Stanley came thundering up stairs to the bedroom and all Hell let loose as Stanley took out his vengeance on us. Neither of us to this day trust anybody proclaiming to be a Vicar or Minister. Life soon settled down, the beatings seemed to lessened somewhat so maybe we did some good?
Chapter 4

I knew how to make television, I could invent things, repair things and make things work, yet I could not understand the hate that I generated, just by being me. I would catch Mothers friends looking at me in a strange way, as if they too disliked me, but why? when I did not know them. It was on my mothers 80th Birthday that she at last declared her love for me buy kissing me saying for the first time in her life “I love you Gordon.” Later she explained the basic facts of her relationship with John Logie Baird as friend, housekeeper, lover. With this news, and in the hope of obtaining some photographs of Mother I contacted Malcolm Baird, Johns legitimate son but received a very chilly reception because he is only just clinging to the kingship, which I understood as he is an old man now, and I guess he saw me as a threat. He was shocked that his father had another son, and seemed shocked that his Father had actually made love to anybody other than his mother Margaret Albu perhaps the fear of being pushed off of the throne so uppermost in his mind, he sadly refused to talk to me anymore. I wonder who his father is?

I am always willing to undergo a controlled DNA test.

With the safe knowledge of who my father was, I researched his life and was utterly stunned as it follows mine exactly, from the early inventions to the schooling and the inventions in later years. At last lights are turning on in my head. Everything I read about John Logie Baird I had done the same, right down to my ideas like keeping a straight face in photographs, hoping that I would be taken seriously, rather than a grinning fool, as school photographs show. My inventions and ideas were widespread, so was Fathers. I am sure my love of clocks and more important the love of wristwatches, is something I have directly from father.

By the age of twelve, I became very interested in girls, as I found out this was a very good source of getting love and touched. I had no idea how good it was, and had to learn how to respond. A girl I knew, but never dated actually taught me how to kiss properly at the age of thirty years. I still only had eyes for the girl in my head and became desperate to meet her. I spent a lot of time and money peering into my being with the help of some wonderful astrologers, without any success. I just wanted desperately to meet, just marry and live the rest of my life in bliss, with the girl in my mind. The girl has long dark hair parted in the middle with soft curls she is fashionable wearing nice clothes, she knows how to move in a feminine way, she is educated, intelligent and fun to be with and from a good middle class family. This was the basic yardstick girl I came up with, and this is the girl I looked for most of my life. Much later I found out that this is a description of Alice who my father loved! Alice. I did manage to meet her three times on the Astral Plane, which was without question a reunion of lovers and friends. So this is how it stands, I am looking for my old love, my soul mate, I know about television and selenium, I know how to make 3D television, I can just sit down and invent, give me the problem and I will invent something to solve it. I just do everything father did, I am I in fact John Logie Baird reincarnated?

The trouble with this kind of statement is, that you end up being called crazy or a fool, so with my sane mind. I will continue writing and explaining how I arrive at these strange statements. and conclusions.

The fact is that some dreams are different, they are more clear than our normal dreams. In these dreams we are part of the dream, and able to talk and respond to the people in the dream with us, and they talk and respond to you. These dreams are so clear and have such purpose that I will call them Visions. These dreams are the same as Joseph had, about the seven years of plenty and the seven years of famine, they are factual and real.

I have had Visions all my life, the first I remember was when I was small I woke in the middle of the night, and saw faces staring at me from the wall they were moving and trying to talk to me. I just cried out in fear but they persisted and just staid there, trying to tell me something. Stanley came in to the bedroom, which scared me even more as I expected to be beaten for waking the household, but with one sweep of his hand, holding a white hanky, the gesticulating faces disappeared. Then with the gentleness of a loving mother he said “There they have gone and will not return,” at the same time tucking me up and stroking my forehead? Stanley had the power to be the greatest king alive, had this love shown it’s self more often, and I feel so sad that due to my appearance, confirming his wife’s infidelity I destroyed his life and marriage. The only comfort is that it is Gods will and we shall all learn from our lives on earth, in Gods Game.

In my search for the girl imbedded in my head I at one time I met a Catherine Bailey-Jones-Kent, she was beautiful, educated, spoke the languages, and to top these she was a qualified Liberian. I thought I had at last met my girl from the visions as she fitted the bill, sadly she was not the one. The search continued until the light dawned when I at last met Alice, that I had been looking for fathers girl. Father was so besotted with her, had he carried her image with him to his new reincarnated body? If so our natural inbuilt yearnings could be from our past lives. Would I ever be able to find Alice in my life on earth? She would now be like me born again, where do I now look for her? At last after our meetings in my visions, I realized that she had just died in her nineties, and had sought me out appearing to me as she found me. Anybody always appears as you would remember them, as she was much younger than John that is how she appeared to me. If I am reincarnated again I would automatically be attracted to older women, hoping that I could find my soul mate. Having at last met my love I was at last free to pursue a young lady in my life and I met my wife Carole in 1980 and settled down. My wife Carole incidentally has blond hair.

Clumps of interesting data were coming into my mind, and clouding many daily issues. Sadly when John died, the remaining Baird son was more like Margaret Albu, Johns wife, than John and had small if any interest in Johns work and inventions. While having the money to live without working and attend a private school, I feel that the evidence shows that John was almost looked down on by the Albu’s and his own son as something lower class. When he died Johns patents could have kept them living in style, as one was Fiber Optics which they from lack of interest probably, ignored, I feel his patents were ignored because his family felt he was “Eccentric and Strange” it is as if they were not a part of his life. Indeed they seldom appear on the photos of his laboratories or in the Television Studios which is very strange when his wife was a Concert Pianist. Either she was not a good pianist or John did not want her and the children around? With this news I started working with a vengeance, probing into my history, throwing my ideas out on the web, learning to make websites to help me expand my audience. But even those I had helped in the past ignored me it is as if we had gone back in time to the year when I or father tried so had tried so hard to sell television. Feeling that I had acquired, some important knowledge over the years, combined with the fact that a book means hopefully some publicity, I set out and I am writing this volume in hope of someone reading it with a sympathetic mind. Maybe I will get some interest in my inventions. I wrote and pestered the Sunday Herald, in Scotland hoping for some publicity, until they reacted exactly the same as the news paper in fathers day, that is to just get rid of me, as if I was some crazy man. History so often repeats it’s self is a statement of truth.

Chapter 2

There is strange compelling evidence of visits from aliens left all over our planet Earth, in the Pyramids and many caves the compelling evidence keeps appearing. Pictures of modern aircraft, submarines and spacemen in their helmets. Along with the clues presented in the Bible, and with the words of Jesus, it all adds up to a compelling fact, that Jesus is a spaceman, or Alien in modern language visiting us in our world, from another time or planet, sent by his father with a message. Calling God and Jesus aliens form another time or planed does not diminish there status in any way it just allows us to think of them in a modern way.

As technology advances we have found a good way to escape the pressures of this life which is to play at life, in a video game where we are in control, in fact to play a computer game making the figure on the screen run, jump, sleep and waken at our command. If we play well the small figure will win the race or win the princess and live happily forever.

What if we are in Gods Game “The Game of Earth Living.” It is seldom we find God interfering with his creation the “Game of Earth Living” but when needed in very rare circumstances he shows his hand, such as when the Jewish peoples needed help to escaped Egypt. From the look of things at that time we needed some rules to live by to be able to play the game as it is meant to be played. We seemed to be making somewhat of a mess of things. Perhaps when the game was first started with Adam and Eve we were not meant to work but just to enjoy Eden following Gods rules. With our independent minds we soon strayed and Jesus was sent to guide us back on track. Jesus is able to forgive our failings and sins but we must still fear God as a price must be paid. God’s power is endless and we must fear it. We are in God’s game and God alone sets the rules.

Our bodies are just a shell and once we die the empty shell is destroyed, with a funeral ceremony to help the bereaved, helping to bring closure to the loss of life. The missing and sadness of losing that person is endless, and to this day I find myself looking for my sister Elizabeth, looking for anything she left behind. But sadly never finding a picture of her anywhere including in her school photos. The point is that Elizabeth could now be reborn and back on this earth again in a new body, or if she qualified for Heaven she will be there. The rules seem that we stay the same sex, colour and in the same family group as we were in our last life or at least the life we are in now. I am a Baird my Daughter is an Armitage each can be identified by the way they behave, by the way we live.

When my turn comes for my Sprit or Soul to exit my body I will have to await a boy body in the Baird/Faux family to appear before I can return to try again, to achieve the honor of being accepted for eternal life. I also feel that a side step can occur when we make love outside of wedlock, we can be born in that name, that family, thus expanding our chances of a quick reincarnation. It is against Gods rules to have sex out of wedlock and if we do we must be punished for sinning. Once we have sinned, we stand very little or, no chance of being accepted directly into heaven, but will return to earth and Gods game again. Working on this theory, we that is Carole my wife and I looked into her Fletcher background trying to match her characteristics to a past relative who could have been Carole before reincarnation. We soon found a relative who suited her exactly, right down to her personal expectations of life. In Carole’s case, we feel that she was her Great Grandmother reincarnated. Her Great Grandmother was wealthy and had servants. Carole actions and life matches everything in her great grandparent that we could find out.

A quick note here, to all those lucky enough to have parents and grand parents alive, make it an important thing in your life to record their stories and impressions of their therefore your long passed relatives. Looking at the system in my case we have a very strange situation. Due to the many strange things about my life including the fact that fathers girlfriend and lover was overjoyed to see me, makes me almost certain that I may be a reincarnation of John Logie Baird.

If this is so then very strangely, my lover Kathleen Faux became my mother!! Did I make my own body and then Our Lord God forced to inhabit it with my soul as some sort of punishment for the sin? The body was a sick one and my sad early life I only managed to get through by the help of Roy Kilcast, and a good sense of humor. This indicates that it is more important to keep family’s groupings together than worry about how the body is made or disposed of, it also underlines the fact that the body is not important but the soul is. The Tibetans literally fold up the empty body shell and put it out for the wild life to eat, as if to give back some life to the world which we seem to take so much from. Sex and the unity of the sperm with the female egg only creates the shell, called a body, ready to be inhabited with a soul when our God or Angels are ready. Maybe we will have a choice of several shells or may be God alone decides? A small girl of two or three years old who turned out to be very Physic in later years told her mother “I chose you in heaven to be my mother.” Which just give us a peep into our own reincarnation. If we try hard and only just fail top meet Gods exacting standards then maybe the body selection is a joint choice.

The shell will perform tasks we teach it but will have no soul, until God in his wisdom allocates one for the body in question. So will the body seem slow and lifeless until it is filled with a soul? We will soon be able to make the body shells our selves, with the advances in the sciences, but only God will ever be able to fill the shell unit by allocating a soul to inhabit it. I firmly believe that there is an inbuilt five year gap from birth, in which a soul can enter the human body. This means that there are many zero to five year olds who have no soul yet. If our God feels that there is something very wrong with the shell by his will the baby dies. Sometimes the shell is inhabited by a good soul and will die young on our earth, to our sorrow, but to the joy of the soul that is released early, they are in heaven without having to play the game of God on earth, for another eighty, or ninety years. Often the soul is not in the shell at death. Will the body will soon die without a soul? Do the people in comas keep their souls? If so it then becomes an easy way to keep ourselves worthy of heaven without having to face temptation. We cannot know but some times in the case of the poor people in a coma we do have to wonder. We must remember that terrible Evil is within all of us, and it often becomes a choice, in our lives as to which route we take. We must work hard and diligently to keep it subdued, and firmly under control at all times thinking before we act. As I look at the world, and the people in it especially the African states at the moment, the evil that comes from man cannot be bettered by any red Devil from anywhere in the Universe. The total horror of the Nazi Death camps, and the terrible, sad pictures, coming from them give us a small glimpse of what normal everyday people have within them as Evil just waiting for the right moment, to let it out upon the world. Hitler should have been stopped! It seems so strange that there are many USA presidents shot in point blank range and a man preaching love and forgiveness, John Lennon was also shot at point blank range yet Hitler had to do the job himself, but only after killing and sending millions before him.

When we freeze bodies to thaw later as medical science finds a cure for the illness that killed them The soul has already left the used shell, so the shell will remain soulless in the freezer. At this moment in time we have not got the technology to safely thaw out the body, without all the cells rupturing and making the whole shell useless. Now if one day in the future, we are able to thaw out the body without damage, and have the medical know how to heal the original cause of death, it will be God who decides if the body is worthy of a soul and wither one is allowed to enter it. Whose Sprit or Soul enters the body? would be the next question as the original owner would have passed onward to become reincarnated, and try again, or will have climbed the ladder to heaven, and everlasting life. When we find out much more about Heaven and the total rest happiness there we will find it strange and ridiculous that some people paid to have their bodies saved, awaiting a cure, so that they can resume their lives here on earth, which is a game, a punishment!.

This Game of Life is so hard as even when you have fame and money if you don’t play by the rules, then the next reincarnation will be a severe reprimand. This can be so hard and in some cases filled with evil so I beg that all who read this book will start to ask forgiveness with a prayer, and then play the game by the rules set by God. Help each other. I there anybody who would want to fight another War or would be placed in a death camp? Living every day in pain and fear. If we ask we will be forgiven our sins, and accepted by our God whatever your religion. We must never forget that there may be a penalty to pay. Who can tell, but in the future the frozen maybe awoken with no souls and as they are in a zombie state they could be used for anything, even as Cannon Fodder. The soul entering the thawed body if God allows probably will not be the soul who used it initially as would he want to be taken from heaven if he has obtained that status and have to prove himself again? We will soon be able to make the body shells but only God will be able to, fill the unit by allocating a soul to inhabit it.
Chapter 3

When my half sister Elizabeth, died at the age of forty seven I was totally devastated. I had not expected her death, because I was told by everyone, including her husband, Trevor that all was well and that the cancer was under control. Living in the united states of America, and receiving no information, I became worried and asked who her Doctor was so that I could phone him to find out exactly what was happening. I never gained the Doctors phone number and only in the last weeks did I cottoned on to the fact that Trevor was lying to us. Dear Liz died in the next few days. The inevitable had happened, and my soul mate of many happy years died, leaving me alone on this earth without my half sister, without my friend above all others. She appeared many times to me in vivid dreams or visions that were real, I was so pleased to see her that we just hugged and hang around together until I awoke to be upset again by her dying. The visions were so real that several times I said “You did not die then Liz, stupid me I thought you had died.” To her. Then when I awoke I felt that she was only a dream, and not reality. Always slow in learning I at last had a bright idea and tried to talk to her, with my thoughts. It was met with great success and dear Liz was able to respond to my questions. Among the many questions I asked dear Elizabeth was “Why you Liz why you?” she without hesitation replied “It’s Kismet it is just Kismet.” Kismet is a word I knew but seldom if ever used, I awoke and before even looking at the time I ran through the dream in my mind so that I would remember every details. I then asked Carole my wife exactly what Kismet meant, and if Elizabeth had ever used it Carole remembered Elizabeth using the word which meant basically “It is fate.” It is a predetermined course of events.
Chapter 4

It dawned on me that I had managed to make contact with my departed sisters soul and she had responded to me trying to ease my distress at her death. Talking to people around me I began to understand that this gift of talking to the departed was within all of us as most people dream of those they love once they die many achieve talking to them. By experimentation I began to understand the rules that apply to being able to contact the departed which are as follows.

As we go to sleep we think of the person we wish to talk to, it helps to have some questions ready in your mind. When the person comes in a dream or vision just relax enjoy the moment and ask the questions just by thinking them. You cannot tell any untruths, also everything they say will be the truth. Next is the important thing, which is we must before doing anything, that is on waking, run through the dream in our minds to set or seal it in to our brain. If we just look at the clock, or even look at the window to see if it is light yet, the dream or vision will be lost in our minds, because we are using our soul and venturing into a world we are not generally in. I told Carole my wife of the rules of communication with the departed, to her surprise her father came to her asking her, “Please don’t forget the Donkeys,” puzzled by the request, she phoned Michele her younger sister asking if she had any idea what was meant by the request. Stunned, her sister Michele told Carole that their father John always donated something to the Donkey Sanctuary every Christmas. Now Carole too, ,had managed to contact a loved one, with stunning results. A donation was duly made to the Donkey sanctuary.

The next time I was visited it was by someone I was not close to and had died some six to seven years before. He was Ben Armitage, my first wife’s father who I had not seen for at least thirty years, after my divorce with his daughter Christine. He appeared and asked immediately “How rich are you?” His total unexpected appearance stunned me and also the strange question, with out any thought I pulled out my empty pockets showing him that I had nothing, which seemed to satisfy him as he disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. Ben Armitage had trouble when he was a child, so his legs bent outwards at the knees giving him a distinctive silhouette, he was wearing a bright blue and yellow jumper with an American base ball cap on his head. As at that time I was living in Florida I was intrigued by his appearance in these particular clothes so I phoned my daughter who lived close by her Grandfather all her life and questioned his choice of clothes. She immediately replied that in his later years he had taken to wearing a blue and yellow Leeds Rhinos jumper, which he topped off with an American Base Ball cap. Leeds Rhinos are a Rugby team that he supported, so he was proud to display there colours which are bright Blue and Yellow. My daughter, Lucinda also added that her Aunt had said that Ben her father had appeared often to he even to the extent of telling her “It’s wonderful up here you should come, it is so much fun.” It must have been very impressive up there as he was asking his beloved daughter to kill herself to join him up in Gods waiting room. At this time Ben had been dead some three or four years so was still waiting for a body or had obeyed the rules of life so well that his place in heaven was assured.

His appearance to me opened up many questions, because he never went to church and was not religious in any way. Yet here he was appearing to me with the same privileges that others who had been religious, attending church on a regular basis. He also managed to find me in Florida. But in his life he had helped many people as a Union official, at the local cloth mill Henry Booths, he had always been a little selfish in life but had to my knowledge never hurt anybody. He had never managed to amass any money to leave behind, and often had a drink at the local pub. I never heard of him having an affair, which maybe his small stature and bent legs saved him from that sin.

Once I arrived in England having flown overnight from the USA. As I stood up to leave the aircraft a terrific pain in the chest and back hit me. On arrival tat my destination which was Leeds I was rushed to Hospital and diagnosed with three blood clots on the lungs and pneumonia. Just before flying to England I had been to the doctors in Fort Lauderdale with pain in all my muscles which still was undiagnosed. After a few weeks of laying on my back in the hospital finally the crunch came.

It was on New Years eve and my temperature soared throwing me into a coma. It was so strange as I knew that opposite my bed there was a nurses desk yet in this coma I could clearly see a passageway with a bright clear light at the end. Just to confirm that the passage was just in my imagination I would try to open my eyes and the passage would disappear. This vision of the passage and the light appeared several times and disappeared as soon as I tried to open my eyes. The next morning as I slowly came out of my coma, I was told that by chance a young nurse Sarah that stayed on shift because her boyfriend was working all night and had sat all night with me bathing my brow and keeping the temperature down thus saving my life. The bright light was an open door for my soul to enter, but thanks to many facts I was spared.

At this stage it dawned on me to take a look at our Lord, in the light of our knowledge of him. Our God, would not have any faults at all, so he or she would not expect, or even like praise and glorification, as he or she has no vanity. He has no pride the wonderful churches and Minster’s are built for our benefit, for the benefit of mankind. They were serving to be somewhere where like minded people can gather in one place, so that we can tell God how much we love him. A place thank him for our lives and the world game we live in, giving us a chance to become worthy of entering Heaven. The music written to praise God, is for our benefit, and help to make us understand the laws of our Alien God. My personal conversion to Christianity and decision to accept Jesus my Lord into my life was certainly enhanced by a choir singing and a piano playing, making the whole experience filled with joy and unforgettable. The whole service was for me and other sinners, thanks to Billy Graham it was to give us, a chance to know God and his son Jesus. It was not for God, as all God needs is for us to obey the rules, help each other. to live in peace and harmony.

The next appearance to me was Stanley my step father, who with good reason had beat me and strangely his own son Bernard. I deserved the beatings as every time he looked at me he was reminded of his wife Kathleen’s terrible unfaithfulness, with her old boss television inventor John Logie Baird, just the sight of me angered him so much that in temper, he would fist me then my half brother if he attempted to even say anything. He also best his wife Kathleen who like me felt that she deserved the beatings. Kathleen felt that in her case it was just punishment. So it became a cleansing of her sin which she accepted. Bernard was a kind and gentle boy who was always trying to help his parents any way he could, to this day he cannot understand why he was fisted and beaten along with me, so it has left a deep scar on him which will last him his lifetime.

In a vision one night Stanley came to me, his head hung down low and said nothing, with my newfound knowledge I could understand why he beat me, and to make him feel better I told him of how proud I was of him at school, as he had an impressive job as a Insurance Assessor, so he was always dressed well in a suit because he worked in Fleet Street, in central London. His head immediately rose up and giving me a big smile he left. Very soon after by chance I met a lady who was a Clairvoyant, I told her the story of Stanley’s appearance, and she explained to me that if we commit a major sin, before we can continue with our lives, that is the journey our soul takes proving ourselves fit for heaven, which involves being reincarnation, we have to obtain forgiveness from the people we hurt. I had forgiven Stanley because I understood his difficult situation, and in my mind it was me who ought to be asking Stanley’s forgiveness. After my forgiveness Stanley could progress on his spiritual journey, so as long as he can obtain forgiveness from Bernard and Kathleen my mother he was safe to continue. Stanley’s appearance gave me some more details to my quest of trying to understand the journey to everlasting life. We have to get the forgiveness from the people we hurt in life otherwise we are stuck in the middle of nowhere, could that be the ghosts we hear of? Are these the “Lost Souls” people who cannot get forgiveness from their victims? Is this a terrible power we have that we can, if we want to, prevent a soul from moving on, and keep them in an eternal mid way position, neither being human nor a true soul? It is like a torment forever and they must try for forgiveness over and over again, begging and pleading. This could mean that some murderers and really evil people have no chance of redemption because before they can even get to God and ask Gods forgiveness they must first get forgiveness from their victims and the victims families! In court we see the worst people with a smug grin as they face a jury thinking how important they are, but just down the road when they die they will face their victims again and they must hope that they will forgive, as our Christ taught us to, as how can we ask forgiveness from our Lord if we cannot forgive others, our selves. The prayer that Jesus taught us says “Forgive them as we forgive those that trespass against us.” All people must think of this before the dreaded fatal blow is struck or before we sin against our fellow travelers in the game! The perpetrators often while in jail change to become Christians which is great, but if for any reason they think forgiveness from God is free they must think again as only after they have secured forgiveness from their victims can they see God who will give them a penalty. Crime seems so easy but we must consider all things before we commit any sin. Many must be so afraid to die!!
Chapter 5

The next important vision for me was that from being very young, I had carried all my life the image, in my mind of the girl I would marry, and suddenly here before me, in my vision, was the girl her self, We spent some time together and because she was the one that had taken so much finding, and she was so beautiful I did not want to loose her ever again. So I asked her to come with me. The young lady refused and I replied “Well its your own fault as you will regret it,” On parting as I went to hug her she shied away looking as if she was uncertain to who I was, then, she disappeared. I wondered if John Logie Baird had said the same thing to her all those years ago as he left for the Caribbean? The second visit with her was much closer, and we held each other totally happy, it turned out to be a wonderful reunion of soul mates. It was on her third visit that she welcomed me with open arms vowing we would meet again someday, I was at last in the arms of my soul mate who I had been seeking for so long, I knew this was the mysterious, Alice, in John Logie Bairds life. For Alice with the soft dark curls, to accept me in this way means that I can only be the reincarnated John Logie Baird as they were both so in love and yet, the circumstances of life kept them apart. A true life repeat of Dr Zivago and Lara. I too feel the emptiness, having had so little love in my youth yet searching for a dream, without understanding why. To this day I have never seen a picture of the mysterious Alice but would be able to pick her out in a crowd without any trouble. It would be so interesting to find out about Alice such as when she died etc. I think she came to me as soon as possible and sadly lived into her eighties, just waiting for death to reunite her with her soul mate and true love. Did she have children with John? With the strange ability to remember my past life, it allows me to answer many questions and hopefully help others on this life’s “Ultimate Video Game” or in this life’s journey. If Alice had managed to acquire more information when I died she could have perhaps found me as a baby and at some point in my growth to manhood she would have recognized her past love John Logie. I have a fun sense of humor that I feel Alice would have recognized. The human body is Gods gift and is just the same as a Game Remote control, something separate, and apart from the soul. If I am John Logie Baird then I made love to my mother to get a body to be reincarnated into. This means that the body and the soul are totally independent of each other in early life. The body is truly a shell allowing us to play the game of life. It is when we start God’s “Ultimate Video Game” we enter a body and with it we stay until death. Death releases the soul, to travel hopefully to our Creator in triumph having played the game by the rules and in the sure knowledge that there will be celebrating in heaven when we arrive back home.

The carrying of the memories of my past love, into this life shows how strong the forces of love are. In my past life I invented television, as I searched with an exploring mind for a use for selenium in an electric camera. The fame that came to me encouraged me to work on in inventing also giving me the money to look after my family. I had Winston Churchill as a friend and this is a man I admired greatly. Everyone came to me “The television master.” I think Walt Disney came from the USA twice to pay me a visit, along with most film stars and celebrities.

All these people were greeted and were settled down by then Kathleen Faux, with some tea and cakes, to await John’s appearance from his lab, and see his invention Television working. John is quoted as saying he loved the inventing so much he ignored the fame, this he said was silly and a foolish mistake, it is better to just sell the ideas and enjoy life. Learning from his life I intend to do just that,

I feel that because he forgot to help others in the game that he has had to return to earth, and try again. It maybe that his love was so strong that he was desperate to return to her. It is so important we help each other, to win the game and end up in Heaven.

Now in this new life I am a messenger trying to help people to help each other and arrive in Heaven. With the help of the ability to recall my past life I am just trying to spread the word of how to play Gods “Ultimate Video Game”, and to explain the rules so that we all can understand them and act accordingly while we have time to do so. The “Ultimate Video Game” is complete and just awaits the final winners list to be created. All who have broken the laws and are given a retry at the game must try harder, the rules are ”Help each other.” This is easy to understand and much better than lists of do’s and don’ts. If we really are trying to help our neighbors then we will not kill them or covert their wife or even be greedy with them, as we just want to help them.

The murderers and really bad sinners who constantly sin, must shake in fear as all of the Evil in the world that humankind has and can imagine awaits you. Be so afraid to die and be reborn! We have free will in part so can chose which path to take. God can on our reincarnation place us in the “Ultimate Video Game” at any point or year as the game is completed and we are in reruns of life. Some souls can remember the future and what will happen because the have been there in a past life. We then realize that we can be placed in a Nazi death camp, or in a wonderful peaceful time, it is up to God and how we have behaved in the past. Every day I thank my maker that I missed all the Major Wars and am desperate to play the game by the rules, to gain points and return in peace time again, even if I am not good enough to be accepted into haven.
Chapter 6

WHY ARE WE HERE? At this stage a picture is forming in my mind which is beginning to answer many questions of life and make some sense at last, including the big question “Why are we here?” The next catalyst came from a television program on the History Channel, it was how the Jews escaped from Egypt and a fine display of Gods powers. The program was about the Jews fleeing from Egypt which managed to explain each plague and how they happened, each could be tied to a volcano eruption, the power of God is that he caused the volcanic eruption and could tell Moses of the next event, long before it happened. Below are the listed trials and the cause of them.

1 The water turned to blood

God literally strikes and turns into blood all of their streams, rivers, ponds and pools of water. This was the eruption sending iron oxide into the water. This is part of the course of a Volcano eruption.

2 The plague of frogs

With the water contaminated the sensitive frogs are the first to leave as they have lungs and can survive without water for some time. So frogs leave the rivers etc. As the frogs die the smell is disgusting and they bring illness.

They were all then gathered together and the Bible says that the land stank with all of the dead frogs now in one big heap. However, the Pharaoh, still refuses to let the Israelites go. So God is now forced to go plague #3.

3 Lice

God then tells Moses to have Aaron stretch out his rod and strike the dust of the land so that it may become lice throughout the land. The magicians then told Pharaoh that this work was the finger of God since they could not duplicate this miracle themselves. However, the Pharaoh still refuses to let the people go.

4 Flies

These flies come into all of the Pharaoh’s houses, into his servant’s houses and over all of the land. The Bible says that the land became corrupted because of the huge swarm of flies that attacked the land, the people and all of their living quarters. The fly’s were breeding on the dead bodies of the frogs and after the maggot stage they would hatch together in the warm climate and again spread disease.

5 Pestilence on the Livestock

In this next judgment, God causes all of the Egyptians livestock - all of their cattle, horses, donkeys, camels, oxen and sheep to be stricken with a pestilence that kills all of them dead on the spot. This is caused by the flys.

6 Boils

In this next judgment, God tells Moses to tell Aaron to take a handful of ashes from a furnace and to scatter it toward all of Egypt causing boils and sores to break out on all the men and beasts.

7 Hail

In this next judgment, God causes heavy hail to rain down on every man and every beast that is not brought inside. In addition to the hail, God also causes fire to mingle with the hail. The Bible says that when this hail and fire were released, it struck the entire land of Egypt - both man and beast who were in the fields and every herb, along with breaking every tree in the fields.

This hail is a normal part of an eruption and it is well documented.

8 Locusts

In this next plague, God causes locusts to swarm the face of the earth so that no man can see the earth. The land of Egypt was completely darkened.

As the gasses and ash from the volcano rose into the air, they blacken out the sun and have caused a mini ice age’s in the past.

9 Darkness

In this next judgment, God tells Moses to stretch out his hand toward heaven and this then causes complete darkness to cover the entire land of Egypt. This thick darkness lasts for 3 days. People could not even see one another nor could anyone rise from their place because they could not see even an inch in front of their faces.

Again as the Volcano erupts it can completely block out the sun. This has been seen many times in modern history.

10 Death of All the Firstborn

In this last judgment, God will have all of the firstborn stricken dead by an angel of death. However, God tells His people to sprinkle the blood of a blemish free lamb on their door posts in order to keep this angel of death from killing their firstborn.

The Volcanic gasses are heaver than air so build up from the ground. It was Passover so the Jews were up and about celebrating. The Egyptians were asleep and the tradition at that time was that the first born would sleep on a bed downstairs in the house while all others of the family would sleep anyhow on the roof of the building to keep cool. The heaver than air gas crept in from the water and suffocated the first born of the Egyptians.

This is a stunning display of the power of our Alien God, how he uses and can use natural things in the world to his advantage. These skills eventually forced the Egyptians to let his people go free.

Each event can be tied to a volcano eruption, which means that our God can cause Volcano’s to erupt at will. With this power and control over our Earth with minute intricate timing. It means that at any time he can destroy anything, including us if needed. This means that all that goes on in our lives can be controlled and altered at the will of God. We must remember we are playing Gods Game, God created it we are told that, he also set up the World so that there would be no hunger and we could live off of the land without work. He tells look at the birds as they don’t work yet survive. Today with our mortgages and cars we always have to work to survive. Who has a job that is necessary? Another piece of the jigsaw drops into place. When we pick up a controller to play a videogame we are acting as God in that particular game, as we control the characters. We control wither they live or die.

Looking at God and how he killed thousands of Egyptians with the plague’s including the innocent first born, it seems as if he can break and change his own rules. Were all those that died in fact soul less people and placed there just for that porpoise? This is an obvious fact as he is the Games Master he or she is God. But the fact also shows that we must fear him or her as the earthly body is not so important, it is our soul that is important and it is God who can accept us, or reject us. God then talks of the earth when the sorting trials are over and he says we will return to normal existence as he made life, in the first place, and how it was always meant to be, where the sheep, will sleep with the lion. I saw a rather strange short film where a lioness had adopted a young deer. The lion and deer traveled everywhere together both unable to eat while they were togeather, the dear needed it’s mothers milk and the lion needed to hunt but was prevented from this by the presence of the deer. Eventually the dear weak from hunger died and the very hungry lion left it where it had died progressing on to hunt and survive in another area. The local people were talking of “The hand of God” being involved. The whole episode was so wonderful to see, as it opened a small peep hole into how life could be. It raised hope in many after so much violence and killing being shown in films. At this moment, stop and think of how wonderful life on earth could be. I hated my school years and yet when I met and became friends with Roy Kilcast I could get through the years of tedium. Roy helped me so much and I helped him whenever I could. He made my life bearable.

Chapter 7

It is generally accepted that the first five years, are the important years of any child’s life. The general opinion after much research seems to be that the first five years are the very best years to learn from reading to music. If this is true it could mean that in this time period the body, has that time to become a host for a soul. This leaves a door open that says that many children under five years old will not have souls yet. I wonder if anybody has noticed children that seem vacant and almost stupid suddenly becoming alive? If so is this when a soul enters the body of that child? Can we spot the difference? is it a possibility? I feel that in many child deaths, and when children are born with bad deformities, or they die very young, that a soul has not yet entered their body. This is a built in time buffer, it could be at Gods will, allowing a breathing space, allowing for the weakness of the flesh. In other words allowing for any mistakes in the physical make up like, deformities and co joined twins, and the ones mentioned. A clairvoyant child told her parents “I chose you as my mother and father,” this opens a door that we may have some choice as to which body we inhabit as we return to our physical state. Some souls may chouse an imperfect body, or be given one by God as a test or trial. If we have generally obeyed the rules on our previous visit we may have a choice of bodies to inherit. This way we could pick a kind couple that loves us. In my life I was with a step father and a mother that hated me, had I sinned in my past?. This made my life very sad and hard to survive. Remember we are in Gods “Ultimate Video Game” trying to prove ourselves worthy to be with God in heaven, the winners of the game, will go to be with God in perfect peace. We have no choice whether we want to play or not all on earth are in the game so we must obey all the rules.

My father John Logie Baird conceived me in 1943 with my Mother who was twenty five years younger than my father. John Logie Baird who sadly died aged 57 in 1946 when I was three years old, with today’s modern medical science I feel he would have lived much longer, I also wonder if he had anybody nearby who cared enough to make him seek Medical help? In his lifetime he made some radical discoveries, but was unable to develop them due to his untimely death. Was he given a second chance? How do I remember so much of his life? Why would I look for his love Alice?

I think when we are reborn we stay the same race as we are now, and we stay in the same family. Sometimes waiting for a body to house our souls can be a long job in Earth years and sometimes it is fast. Maybe father was given the chance to inhabit my body as I was three when he died, with the turnaround of his sprit or soul being so fast that he carried some memories with him to his new body he had made with Kathleen, which come out as distant memories to me that are at times very hard to understand. It is so strange I spent my youth looking for Alice who I had left behind in my last life. At the age of fifteen I was working and earning a living, which greatly pleased my step father Stanley. That year I went to Morcombe, a sea side Town in England for a holiday with my friend, David Senior who incidentally could play the piano so well. On that holiday I met a girl and had a holiday romance with her. I enjoyed her being in my life as she seemed to care about me and was fun to be with. Probably thinking that this was “the one” I arranged to meet her the next week, after work at the weekend. I would get the train back to Morcombe, and she would meet me at the station. She was not “The one” as she never appeared. I made the return journey downhearted and a little wiser. Because I had the memory of dear Alice in my mind I was unconsciously looking for her as I had left her behind with my untimely death. Had I been able to find Alice she would have been in her seventy’s I estimate around seventy five. How would I have reacted to her being some thirty years older than me? I met an old lady called Charlotte when I was very sad and so alone. I collected her rent each week, I loved to spend time with her, we were very close yet I never Loved her in the sense of the word Love. Yet Alice was my soul mate surely age would make no difference?

Fathers enormous success in his life was fantastic, he never seemed to do anything wrong or harmful to other people, just the opposite he made money for many, yet here he is again down on earth, why has he had to return? What went wrong? So what are Gods rules in this game of life?

We must obey his law that is the Ten Commandments in full, the last law that we have not realized and the very meaning of life is “We must help each other in life.” Mother Teresa is such a fine example to follow and I think she will have secured a place in Heaven from her past life. “We must help each other in life,” this opens many thoughts. If we have money stored in a bank or in any form then we are not obeying the game rules, as on television there are children’s hospitals begging for money, and there are people like Bill Gates with a large store of funds which could help so many, yes he helps a little but is it enough? Does he understand Gods rules and why he is here. Then old man that is down and out, does he need to be that way or is he taking the easy way out in life. He contributes nothing to Gods Game Heaven seems far away for him yet just by helping each other we can gain salvation. If your money is in excess of what you need to live, then you have already lost in the game of life and will return as a unfortunate next time which will put you in the position of needing help. I could not understand why I was in pain and ill all the time, now I believe that I did not help enough people when I was in a position to help. When you arrive back again pray that someone near by you is playing the game how God wants it played, and helps you when you need it.

The meaning of life is that we must “Help each other in this life,” to gain entry into haven with our Alien God. We are all in the game because we want to be or are forced to be so lets “Make it work.”

An old man was being interviewed in London on television and the interviewer was trying to discover how times have changed since the war. His answer was that people had become greedy. “During the war,” he said “If you had a cake you would say I have too much here so let me give you a slice,” he then added “ the attitude today is I have a slice but I want yours as well.” We have forgotten how to help each other, we have forgotten our basic manners! so many are losing the game of life with very dangerous consequences to them selves.

The teachings of Jesus and other prophets are so important as they all give us clues, and help us showing us how best to play God’s Game called life.

I think a rule we must remember is that God can change the rules at any time, we can’t. Einstein says that light is the fastest thing in the Universe. He is wrong the very existence of the black holes prove beyond doubt that the gravitational force applied there is faster than light as none whatsoever escapes and the black hole stays black.

Another point is that our thoughts and souls travel vast spaces in an instant leaving light far behind us. I feel we can move around the universe by just thinking where we want to be. It seemed as if it was so easy for Ben the ex. Father-in-law to find and talk to me. Remembering he died in England and found me in Florida in the USA. He had never seen my home and had no idea where I was in Florida! Or what I looked like in my older years.

The bible which is our that is the Christian’s main source of knowledge about God is full of so many clues about Gods Game we are in. The bible says that Jesus (Gods son) said that the sins of the father will visit the son. Is this a great clue that the father and son are the same person? The father is reincarnated as the son and then the son is the father, and so on until we get the game right and win? When we win we are accepted into Heaven.

Jesus said to them, "You are from below, I am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world." ( John 8:23)

Is this Jesus explaining that he is in our language an Alien coming from another planet?

This does not change anything about God, as his powers and love for us, is the same wherever he is at the time.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him. What wonderful words to hear as at times life is hard and we so often sin. A hard thing we must do is not get our own back. This is for our Lord to do, revenge is mine saith the Lord. We must just forgive and leave the rest to our Lord as he is so much better at it. I wonder if the poor people in Africa that had their hands cut off sinned in the past?

He who believes in our Alien Lord is not condemned; he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God." ( John 3:16-18)

Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?" ( John 11:25-26)

"I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you know me, you will know my Father also." ( John 14:6-7)

In these chapters Jesus speaks of a love of the world. The World is Gods creation for the game of Life, trying to sort out the good from the bad. As he made our bodies he gave us free will as I think he did not want a heaven full of mindless robots.

How many chances we have to get the game? Right, I don’t know but several people think it is 12 chances one for each sign of the Zodiac.
Chapter 8

Usually our memories of our last life, do not survive the transition from one body to the next, very strangely I do remember my last visit to Gods Game. This makes this life very confusing. We stay the same race we are at all times, and we stay in the same family group, and I feel the same sex hence my father may become my son? My Daughter may give birth to my Grandmother. Here it is only shells or bodies we are talking of. I have been bombarded with “Instincts” in this life, that is the feeling that I really want to do something. I was raised by a stepfather concerned with print and printing, but overriding every thing I was taught came the urge to invent and become a garage mechanic. All these urges, tie in with my previous life. The Job I wanted to do, the girl I wanted to marry, the enquiring mind, the love of photography, and the inventions are all instincts I felt I had to follow. A good idea is to check your own instincts and carefully write them down. Then when you find a deceased family member who fits them, then it is possible that you are that person reincarnated. It is well documented that talents often miss a generation under normal circumstances, so the most often reincarnation is of Great Grandparent or Grandparent. If you are here on earth it is because you did something wrong last time, and God has returned you to the game to try to win this time. I do not want to get deeply into any religious study as the whole of religion means nothing, except that it is a place for likeminded people to be together. All I want to achieve from writing this book was to let people know how simple the rules of life really are and how the great question, ‘what is the reason of life’ can be answered by a simple we must “Help each other.” Good manners are a great start, just by holding a door open for the next person or using the basic words of please and thank you help to lift you up the scale towards heaven. If you are truly helping someone then you will not steal from them or kill them or take their wife so just the fact that we are helping each other encompasses all the rules of our Alien God.

There are pictures of airplanes helicopters in the caves and pyramids of Egypt and around the World. The fact is that someone knew how to draw them so must have been told of them or seen them, maybe they have been to the end of the game and had to start again?. The Game of Life is a ongoing circle which has been run and rerun. It seems that our Alien God allows Angels to use what is naturally available on our Planet Earth to help whenever way is needed. Are these the U.F.O. sightings, Angels going around doing there jobs? Helping us when we get stuck in the Game of Life? We must set up centers where we can hold the hand of the needy, lets make “Hope Centers” where everyone can come, to find a friend or just to help and talk. I believe both the Salvation Army and the Jehovah Witness have these kind of centers, along with the Sikhs. All must be fine places and maybe we too can help?

After the wonderful story of the birth of Jesus, He was five before he was mentioned in the bible again, which I think is the last age for a sprit or soul to enter a body, so only then when the soul has entered would the boy be intelligent enough to debate with his elders when the sprit sent by Alien God had entered the body his true, playing the game of life starts. So the job his father our God had sent Jesus to do was just beginning.

Lets take a peep at our forgiving God who is no soft touch, or pushover. The recurring central theme of Christianity is forgiveness, but the Bible never mentions forgiveness without punishment. Moses was forgiven by God for disobeying his orders but he had to pay a penalty, which was that he would not enter the promised land. This punishment seems so harsh as Moses had obeyed our Lords every word, and had left the wonderful and comfortable life as a prince, in Egypt to wander, in the desert, for forty years, as ordered by our Lord, looking for the Promised Land and as we know he died before entering, the Promised Land. After all the work Moses did in freeing Gods people from Egypt and leading them across the desert to their final resting place. Yet he himself never entered it. Moses seems to have struck the rock to bring forth water when God asked him just to speak and produce the water. The act of striking the rock could be interrupted by the followers of Moses, that it was Moses that produced the water, when in fact it was God and God wanted the Israelites to know that everything that happens is controlled by God, including there food and water. Even with an apology Moses was not allowed into the sacred Promised Land and died before the entry of the Israelites to the promised land. Moses was then buried on the hill near where he died. Our Alien Lord is not a soft touch, yet I feel sure he is the kindest person ever. He has no greed. He has no envy. He doesn’t demand any worship or praise. All are equal in his eyes. He has endless love to give and loves the unloved and is a friend to the lonely.

For all those that think that breaking our Alien Lords rules is easy, like killing is easy, and the death penalty lets them have a easy way out, please, please think again as when your soul leaves your body your troubles just start to begin. Now at last you are face to face with your maker and you have broken the very first distinct rule. From the day you break the rule, live in fear, and beg forgiveness. We must play the game as our “Alien” God wants us to, and obey the rules otherwise like Moses we will never see heaven. If we ask God for forgiveness he will forgive our sins, but what are Gods penalty’s forgiveness as is not free. Did Moses forget to ask for forgiveness?
Chapter 9

Evil is within us all, the Devil is within us all and it is only us ourselves that can increase or develop this evil. If we all stand by our principals and the rules of the game ‘Help each other’, nothing can harm us, “I was obeying orders,” is no longer an excuse. The war in Vietnam, was a war where it became better and easier to participate in it, rather than protest against it as protesters were shot by the evil USA Government. The fact is that it is always easier to answer the call up papers, and go to war, than to protest against them and the war. The majority of protesters were very brave men and women. Even after the American Government showed its true colours, and shot many protesting students, in spite of the Constitution, which protects free speech, but thankfully it did not slow the numbers protesting. The foolish evil actions of the Government made heroes of the dead students and of the protesters so much so that due to public pressure the USA eventually pulled out of the war. The men holding the guns and obeying orders from the Government to “Kill” the students are without doubt, guilty of murder! We must try to stand firm in our belief’s. I know that It is so easy for me to Judge from my seat at the computer, and I pray, I am never placed into this position that so many very brave men and women were. I ponder what would have happened if all people in the death camps had refused to follow the Nazi’s orders? How would they have coped? When the madman Hitler started out if every person in Germany had stood by the law of God and the game “Help each other” he would never have succeeded in obtaining power. A great way to live is to follow basic good manners, this shows others that you care for them. Often many people don’t even say thank you, it is their ignorance, but in time they will follow the majority, and have good manners themselves. Manners are as important as the three R’s in this world of our Alien Lords, we have selfishly overcrowded.

My step father Stanley was a Jew, so growing up I learnt a little of their history, which made me so sorry for the whole race, yet guilty, for how they were treated. I prayed every night that the Jewish race would forgive us, for what we had done as Christians and agnostics, for what we had allowed to happen. The suffering of all the people in the death camps is indescribable, and paints a very dark picture of humanity, the normal people that took part, enjoying the power and greed. It was normal men and women who carried out the actions that the madman ordered. This is Satan within man showing his ugly face. The tortures of mankind’s inventiveness are horrific, beyond sanity.

The next big move in my life was to Florida in the USA hoping for a better easier life we moved into a home in Fort Lauderdale next door to a Jewish man and his wife he was around forty years old, and parked cars for a living, so he had no or at least very little ambition. The house we bought was a Zero Lot Line property, meaning that our land finished at our neighbors wall on one side, the other side was open. As we were busy finding the cash deposit and the right lawyer, the young man went to the builder and unbeknown to us persuaded the builder to sell him some of our land. This was concluded just before we singed our papers, so that we would not know that the land was now his for some weeks as it went on to public record. Later using this small triangle of land he had managed to steal he used to creep around our garden, using it as an excuse he had to get to his newly purchased property, the small triangle of land. This excuse he used to it’s fullest extent and became very annoying, peeping into windows of our home at any time he wanted to. He also had the audacity to plant trees in the middle of our lawn. After some months of this playing games we built a fence to keep him out. When we next met he used every swear word in the book at me screaming, so I walked away. The frightening and stunning thing was at that exact moment, had I been living in Germany under Hitler’s rule, I could have happily had him deported, as he was not only ugly, but lazy and overpoweringly obtrusive as a neighbor. I would have said to myself “Well he won’t get killed or gassed, they will only put him in a camp, he is young and can work for the first time in his life.” The very sad thing was that he alone had managed to bring out the Evil hidden deep within me, and I would have alerted the officials, had I been living in those bad times. He was a stupid man, in fact so stupid, that he could do nothing with his life. I should have been big enough to cope with this silly man, but I was not. After some time we moved without any retaliation against him, as God said revenge is mine! and we left this stupid man to his fate. I feel that the Jewish race must be so careful, they carry with them greed and bad manners. Throughout their history the Jews have been persecuted it is time it stopped, but only they them selves can stop it. My landlady who was also Jewish was to me fun and kind in every way, always helping tenants who got into trouble. What a fantastic asset to the Jewish religion and faith she is. She is a great Ambassador for the Jewish race and many should follow her example. As a race they have been despised because they excel in business also being willing to work long hours when others are playing, if they used this skill to help others of any religion or race, they would today be loved above all others. As I watch television I see so much poverty and unrest in the black people, they gain fame through sport and with there cash they buy gold and dogs to house them in appalling conditions, as if their dogs are their slaves. If they learn that they too are in “Gods Game” then they with there fine healthy bodies could help others, then they too would become a healthy race. A really high crime rate, is mostly made by the black people, who have lost their way. The churches fill with their wonderful singing in praise to God, so if that asset was made open to help others in the game, they too would be loved by all, who listened and saw.

We must have the ability to care for others and have good manners. Religion is not needed as there is no need to go to church. Our Alien God has no greed or vanity. I must just add that churches are good as a place for likeminded people to meet and to spread the word.
Chapter 10

The great question of “What causes War?” was on my mind from childhood. As I was born in 1943 I saw the stupid destruction and the aftermath left behind. War causes many questions, such as. What causes War? Why did God not stop it? How does Evil manage to rule? Was the second World War all Hitler’s fault?

The main cause of War is fear. This is shown in the Iran War, where the small mind of President Bush was allowed it’s freedom and he feared the weapons that they may have had. On entry no weapons were found so now pride takes over, and ignoring the loss of life, he continues the War, because he has to make it look as if he was right. Ninety percent of people on God’s earth know he is wrong. Often fear stops the majority from speaking out, as they remember the students laying dead on the ground, who died unarmed just for protesting. As the USA slips into the classification, with England of an Empire that was! people will say why did our empire fail? I think that Evil is within all of us, and part of Gods Game is to find out who can or cannot control the Evil within themselves. As these souls who cannot control their evil within, are not required in Heaven. If all the Germans, before the Second World War started, had stood by what was right, then Hitler could have done nothing, he would have become what he was, nothing. It was greed that prompted the masses to follow Hitler, as they were promised a better life, better jobs, extra homes, finer cars, etc. There were many who knew that what they were doing, following Hitler, was wrong, and many ordinary people became stunningly brave Heroes, in a valiant effort to save their beloved Germany, sadly too few did the right thing, and the Nazi party gained power. I pray that I would have done the right thing. This “Ultimate Video Game” God puts us into the game, on this earth, then he tries not to interfere with our lives, he tries to let us sort out our lives with our minds, and the free will he has given us. Getting the Jews away from Egypt was one time God interfered, with the game, as he had at that time not given us rules to live by, rules to play the game by. Another time was when he sent his son down, maybe the star the wise men followed was some sort of spacecraft? The Turin shroud could be the very thing Jesus left behind to show later generations that he has risen as it is felt that the only way to create the image was by radiation. The more the shroud is investigated the more it shows us the risen Son of our Alien Lord has risen.

Just because we don’t understand things, does not make them untrue, or fakes. I wonder when the Games Master will show his hand again? and how many people will die in peace knowing that there lives have been good, and they have followed Gods Game Rules?
Chapter 11

Gods punishment? The days of preachers talking of Hell Fire are over as we all view this with some disbelief, in these modern times this seems rather outmoded, and strange. As we die our souls, which we carry with us leave our earthly body our game controller. Our souls are our true selves, our thoughts are our souls talking, and this is how we communicate to each other in Gods realm. What if our souls go to the Alien God and he sees that in the game of life we have failed, like the mass murderers or any murderer or abuser, then he sends us down into the game to play again. I don’t know how many chances we get, or if some sins void the chance of a return visit, like murder and child abuse? But we arrive back to start the game again, This time we will have to suffer punishments. Remember to ask forgiveness. Is what happens in our life’s what we deserve? Some people have terrible fates bestowed upon them, do they deserve them? In there past life they did so much wrong? I always felt that I deserved my fate, the constant ill health, because of my lack of caring, my lack of helping others in my past. When I became ill an obese woman who worked for us, took a dislike to me for not letting her work Saturday, which would mean pushing out full time staff from their jobs. She had the opportunity to work full time, then when she wanted, but she turned down a full time position with the company. On hearing of my illness her inane comment was “Well he deserves it,” I was forced to agree with her as I feel I did deserve it. But was she sure that she had done nothing to deserve her horrible looks and immobile fat body? Just, maybe we are seeing Gods work here on earth? Maybe we are also seeing Gods punishment when, we see the horrible crimes? and suffering some evil humans meter out to others. Does God let man punish man? Revenge is mine saith the Lord but there is no hint of how or when our Lord will perform his revenge. Those having a easy life had best beware as remember, it is a crime in this game not to help others, and the punishment can be very severe, as we see. Money in coffers is no help as I can vouch for, it is far better to die poor having used whatever assets you have to help others. I have suffered so much ill health from the early age of five do I deserve it? Father was so wealthy and seems to have done little with his powerful television to help others. When he died he left the equivalent of one million pounds. So as it says in the Bible that the fathers sins will be visited on the sons, is the suffering I am living through some punishment from our Alien God? Am I suffering for the sins of my father? For sins in a previous life?

These writings are just ideas from living, and having the unique ability to remember my past life, from living life, dreams or Visions. This life I am sure I have failed to enter the kingdom of Haven. I ask forgiveness, and hope that this Vision, in the form of this book will help others following on from me, to have a great success, and find a seat in Haven near our Alien Lord. However we think individually of our Lord, I have tried to make the rules of this life we live in simpler and easier to understand.

At all times we must remember that all the evil in the world is created by man. We punish each other by the way we treat each other in this game of life. Our Alien Lord God helps us and listens to us, he gave his son to us, to help more achieve total forgiveness, and reach heaven. He is not vain and therefore does not expect us to worship him, but to acknowledge he is our Lord. After Jesus had given us his life, the rules changed, and he now holds our hands on the journey to heaven making it much easier to get there and achieve everlasting happiness. We must help each other here on earth, if we do this then we obey all of Gods laws. We will not kill anybody, we will not steal any ones wife, and we will share all we have. If we fail we can now call on Gods son to forgive us, which he will do thus opening the door to heaven. If we fail or do not try to help others then we will be punished, as god can place us back on earth at any point in History. My punishment has been illness and sadness as I fail to hold on to my family and friends. Our Lord God is a alien and loves us, it is a simple thing to accept his love, and return as this body dies, to Heaven with our Alien Lord.

Chapter 12

Here are some quotes from the Bible that can now be understood much better after our knowledge has expanded.

Leave the dead to bury their own dead (Lk 9:60a)

A strange quote, but does it mean that the earthly body is only of small value? The body has to last us our life in this game, it is the remote controller that we use in the Game of Life so must be looked after as well as we can.. The Buddhist monks fold up the dead body into a small bundle breaking the backbone in the process. They place the body shell where wild animals can reach it and devourer it, therefore giving something back to Gods World. The Soul within us is more important than the fragile body that God gives us to play the Game of Life in.

For whoever would save his life will lose it; and whoever loses his life for my sake will save it [Some think the original would have read, "for the sake of the Kingdom of God"] and the gospel's will save it. (Mk 8:35)

Again this earthly body is not the important thing. The first Commandment is “Thou shalt not kill” So this rule is important as I feel that God wants us all to have a fair try at the “Game of Life,” if a life is cut short for any reason then we are given the chance to play the game again. If we kill, we cannot just kneel down and say “I am sorry” as we have to gain forgiveness from all involved, before we get our Lords forgiveness, and then we may have to perform some penalties. The penalties, may include a return visit to the game of life, and maybe we will be left open to whatever man can do to us, like the horrible Evil we see all around us.

I dare not think of sinning so badly, that I am returned to he Game of Life under those circumstances. My step father Stanley Mays was so very violent to my brother and I as we were growing up, the forgiveness from our Lord was instant as soon as he ask. But as we found out there will be a penalty to pay, which only our Lord can set. After getting forgiveness from our Lord and myself he must obtain forgiveness from all others involved. My brother Bernard has to forgive him and my mother. All has been straight forward up to getting Bernard’s forgiveness as Bernard my brother feels that all strange things happening on earth are the work of the Devil, so will not respond to my step fathers pleas coming in the form of a dream or vision. This is now a case of my stepfather being in purgatory until forgiveness is forthcoming, maybe just waiting until Bernard dies. Bernard has a soft and deeply understanding side to him so I asked him if he would ever forgive Stanley for causing us so much pain in our childhood. Being a good Christian Bernard replied he would and had already forgiven Stanley. Now he has to face God! What penalty will he have to pay?

We truly must think before sinning. Forgiveness is guaranteed if you ask our Lord as his own son Jesus died to secure that for all men, but we must remember that forgiveness is not FREE. The payment of penalties can be hard and long.

How hard it will be for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God! . . . it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. (Mk 10:23b, 25)

Using the animals that were well known Jesus is saying that if you have funds left when you die then you have not helped enough people in there lives. For the rich there is always someone in need, and praying for a Saint to help them. With St Jude’s Hospital for children begging for funds on television, to help the children of this world, and people with millions in there bank accounts not helping, the doors of heaven will be closed when they arrive. Be warned the day will arrive when you meet your maker. In my past life so little of my funds were spent on helping others, so here I am suffering the pain of a sick body.

But many that are first will be last, and the last, first (Mk 10:31)

Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted. (Lk 14:11)

We often feel that we are important, it is a inbuilt pride which can do us harm. I stupidly felt that if someone came from a council house or trailer park mobile home that they wee beneath me and uneducated. How wrong I was, but I was always the looser as I lost many friends with my snooty attitude and social climbing.

There is nothing outside a person, which by going into him can defile him; but the things which come out of a person are what defile him. (Mk 7:15)

This I feel states that the Evil is within us all, we must control it at all times. If helping each other is uppermost in our minds the Evil will always be subdued. When we forget to be on our guard it is then that we listen to the Hitler’s of the World and are persuaded that Evil is good. Dropping the tins of fatal gas down into the chambers was not Hitler, but it was normal Germen people who loved their family’s, celebrated Christmas, and Birthdays. Remember sin is forgiven but there is a punishment and I wonder how the Nazi helpers felt when they met their Maker?

Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child cannot enter it. (Lk 10:15)

We must totally accept the Game Rules and obey them all. “Helping Each Other,” is a simple way to interpret the rules of life, as if you are helping someone then you will not envy them or kill them etc. We enter Heaven with a child like love and innocence.

Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you . . . (Mt 5:44f)

This is a very difficult request but it is in the game rules. Good manners are prominent key in this situation and by trying to meet our enemies with pleasantries and try to understand them. I feel that most wars are caused by fear and if we can understand our enemies point of view, the war may never begin infact they may be convinced to join our side. along with helping each other. It is impossible to hate someone you want to help.

Swear not at all, let your yes be yes, your no be no . . . (Mt 5:34f

Do not tell fibs and keep your word, this would make life so easy to live, and allow people to trust you.

Some version of divorce teaching: Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her; and if she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery.

I am divorced so I have broken this law, this is indicating that any marriage must be taken seriously far more than it is today. I do feel that God will allow living together, as long as the rules of “Help each other” apply

The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, "Lo, here it is!" or "There!" for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you. (Lk 17:20-21)

Stop guessing when God will appear again for only he knows he is the Games Master and can change anything at anytime. It also seems to say that God and his Angels are amongst us now.

“To sit at my right hand and at my left is not mine to grant, but it is for those for whom it has been prepared by my Father” (Matthew 20:23).

This places everything into Gods hands.

In conclusion and trying to add up everything I have learnt over the years it can be compressed to a few sentences.

What is the meaning of life can be answered by we are in “Gods game,” to find out if we are suitable to sit in Heaven with him. The rules of the game are “Help one another,” and “Love one another.” I will pray that more and more people will follow these rules whatever religion they are and what ever there skin color is, then we will have a wonderful world that wraps us in warmth every time we open our eyes each morning. Every Religion even the atheists can obey the rules of “Help each other.”

"Our Thinking vs. God's Promise"

"It's impossible"
All things are possible (Lk. 18:27)

"I'm too tired"
I will give you rest (Mt. 11:28-30)

"Nobody really loves me"
I love you (Jn 3:16)

"I can't go on"
My grace is sufficient (II Cor. 12:19)

"I can't figure things out"
I will direct your steps (Prov. 20:24)

"I can't do it"
You can do all things (Phil 4:13)

"I'm not able"
I am able (II Cor. 9:8)

"It's not worth it"
It will be worth it (Rom. 8:28)

"I can't forgive myself"
I forgive you (I Jn 1:9 & Rom. 8:1)

"I can't manage"
I will supply all your needs (Phil. 4:19)

"I'm afraid"
I have not given you a spirit of fear (II Tim. 1:7)

"I'm always worried and frustrated"
Cast all your cares on Me (I Pet. 5:7)

"I don't have enough faith"
I've given everyone a measure of faith (Rom 12:8)

"I'm not smart enough"
I give you wisdom (I Cor. 1:30)

"I feel all alone"
I will never leave you or forsake you (Heb. 13:5)

The boy who could not understand

by the son of John Logie Baird, the inventor of television

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Gordon Mays Baird said:
Fri,15 May 2015,07:54:54 GMT

Gordon Mays Baird said:

Who posted this delirium? I am so disappointed!
NASSA have just agreed with my comments perhaps they too are in delirium or may be there is some petty small mindedness.
Tue,12 May 2015,08:58:38 GMT

Gordon Mays Baird said:

Please will someone help me?
I am stunned and very surprised at Malcolm’s behavior towards me as it is a time where thanks to the computer people are searching and extending their family backgrounds.
Mother often talked of Malcolm and compared him to me saying I was nasty but he had such lovely manners.
My first contact with him was by e. mail, as I was so excited when my mother Kathleen Faux / Mays told me who my father was. I posted some pictures that his father took of my mother with his sister.
Malcolm instantly rejected me saying (On Hastings Web Site) that he knew everyone his father had made love to!!
Why oh why does he not talk to me. If I am an imposter why not do a DNA test?
I guess the books about father were badly researched, not finding out about his live in housekeeper even though she was the one who greeted everyone as they arrived at his home.
I have pictures taken by my father of his true love and soul mate yet cannot get a name from Malcolm.
I am at a total loss as to why he is so against finding out if he has a half-brother.
I have hundreds of life saving inventions I want to GIVE away to the right people to save lives so need the publicity. Thanks Malcolm for that at least. Can some kind helpful person explain Malcolm’s behavior to me please?
Instead of holding out his hand he talks childishly of suing me?
Dr. Gordon Mays Baird
Wed,26 Jan 2011,05:58:55 GMT

Gordon Mays Baird said:

I am sorry if I hurt you in any way but please let’s have a DNA test and perhaps if you spoke to me instead of just writing letters i would understand better.
I do want another half-brother.
I only repeat as I say in my text what my mother said.
Oprah accepted her half-sister why are you so against me from the start? Why did you never want to find out who I was and if I may be telling the truth?
You immediately through me in the bin.
How great it would be for you if we did a DNA test and it was found out you were right!!
This would be great publicity for your books.
It would perhaps help your Grandsons be in the news as they too are kin.
I again ask you for a DNA test and if I am not your brother I will shut up forever,
Read my life story because as you were in Private school in Hastings England (was this a scholarship entry?) I was being beaten.
I have my fingers crossed that you will take a deep breath and for the benefit of both of us and your family that you will see sense then we may be able to get father a Knighthood which he truly deserves.
As ever Dr. Gordon Mays Baird
Tue,25 Jan 2011,09:53:30 GMT

Malcolm Baird said:

The previous comment uses the word"deliirium" but that is a polite undestatement.

Apart from the fiction of his parentage I personally resent Mays's defamatory portrayal of me as an idler, educated at a private school, with no interest in science or television. It is true that I went to a private school in Edinburgh (Fettes) but this was at no cost to the family as I won a full scholarship based on competitive exams etc. I then went on to Glasgow University (Applied Chemsitry 1st class honours BSc) and then to Cambridge (PhD in chemical engineering). I have not has a day's unemployment until I retired in 2000 and since then I have been pretty busy. My name is on several patents and I have written or co-written about 200 technical publications. I am co-author of a 450-page biography of my father (published 2002), which appears not to have been read by Mr.Mays. If he had read the book he would have discovered that my father's estate foa few thousand pounds was held back for 10 years by the family lawyer who only released it after my uncle threatened to complain to the Law Society.

I am not taking any of Mays's remarks seriously but if I did so, I would pass them to a lawyer for advice on possible action for libel and distress caused.

Mays has adopted the title "Dr." but could he enlighten us on where and when his "doctorate" was conferred?

Malcolm Baird
Sun,16 Jan 2011,16:50:22 GMT

Lana B said:

Who posted this delirium? I am so disappointed!
Tue,09 Nov 2010,19:17:08 GMT
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