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Is Love a useless Curse

By:Dr. Gordon Mays Baird
Date: Fri,22 Jun 2012

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My Love

When you love someone who loves you back it is the most wonderful thing in the world. Love is totally demanding and all-consuming it is more powerful than money or power.

This seldom happens and is a great rarity, so under general conditions love is a curse. To be in love with someone who walks away, just leaves you devastated and in despair, suddenly the reason you have made for living and enjoying life has gone, they often unsuspectingly take your life with them.

If you manage to survive the suicide attempt, you must then learn how not to love anybody, including the soul mate you had so gladly welcomed into your life a short time ago.

Time only eases the pain and never heals so we must learn not to love, and recognize it as the curse it is.

If you once fall in deeply love it will spoil you for all who follow and you will never be able to truly love again.

With luck and hard work you must and will eventually learn to live without love, just to survive, and then the best thing in the World happens as you will be free, at long last, to live and enjoy your life exactly as you want to. So be diligent and forget love, destroy it before it ever starts.
Only fools fall in love!

This is my description of love ;-

Love is just a selfish unexplained devotion we have to someone we meet on life’s path.

Yet it is more powerful than power and Money combined.
Maybe friendship is greater as this is a consenting union of minds,
a real caring about each other,
a true concern about each other’s happiness.

I am intrigued by love and its values; Father fell in love and was unable to love anyone else, just constantly loving his girl, wondering where she was and what she was doing.

I have followed him exactly and have only just learnt about love and the useless emotion it is.

It seems to devour lives and make those who have truly experienced the emotion never to love again.

I wonder just how much is passed on in our genes and how much is reincarnation.

It took a long time for me to understand but from an early age I began to look for love. I had in my mind a certain girl and searched for her.
Eventually I felt that I had found her and fell deeply in love. After some years she left me as she was promised stardom, as expected after a short time she returned when the stardom failed. I sadly turned her away.
Years later I understood I was looking for Fathers girl, was this genes working or reincarnation?

The likeness between my love and my Fathers love is stunning.

Is Love a Useless Emotion
By Dr. Gordon Mays Baird

I was born at midnight, “The witching hour,” on the 9th of May in the star sign of Taurus the bull.

It seems that my controlling sign in my first house happens to be Venus the master of love.

I suppose this is a good reason that I have searched for love my whole life, for that special soul mate of a girl all my life.

I was born an illegitimate child and arrived, instead of having the dark swarthy looks of my Greek step father; I had the bright blond hair of John Logie Baird my real father my mother’s boss.

My real father was very wealthy at the time and after some hasty negotiations with Mother and Step Father Stanley, he bought my mother a house in Wanstead London in compensation for her inconvenience, and the matter seemed settled.

The trouble was that my step father had the fiery Greek nature and every time he looked at me he saw in his mind my father making love to his cherished wife. This threw him into a frenzy of violence he could not control, so he not only beat my mother but also beat and fisted me, even as a very small child.

Mother and Stanley had accepted the house on the terms that I was brought up alongside their existing son Bernard who was aged two, as his brother; if they disposed of me they would lose the house. Eventually I was hidden from step farther and kept in solitary confinement as much as possible in an attempt to ease the constant beating on my then young body.
A sure case of hoping that if he did not see me he would forget me, the separation seemed to work a little and it did ease the situation, with me learning to cope with the solitary confinement by reading, and making friends with a Dutch boy and girl, who were part of the decoration on a cheap chalk clock on top of the fireplace. To this day I tell people that my parents were books, making Libraries and Librarians very important to me.
So here I am totally hated by my stepfather and mother, hidden away as much as possible, with neither parent as I knew them to be, wanting to even touch me, yet being told to call them Mummy and Daddy.
At last it came the time to start school, as I had been hidden never mixing with anyone except cousins and close family, it was a great frightening shock to be dumped into a classroom of strange children, without any explanation at all why it had suddenly happened.

After some months I did manage to settle somewhat, but the main disaster soon struck as the constant beatings had weekend and damaged my kidneys, so one evening I was suddenly rushed into Whipps Cross Hospital by Ambulance bells ringing and lights flashing.

I had never had any affection, love, or even attention, at any time in my five years on this earth, as they rightly say “If you never have it you never miss it,” and so I had lived not using my driving power of Venus, just thinking that it was normal to suffer pain and be beaten most nights.
In the Hospital I did think that because I was so very ill that the elusive Mummy or even, the then very worried Daddy would care and visit as soon as possible.

After waiting many nights, bed tidy and straight, (just before visiting the nurses would rush around the beds tiding up and straightening the covers ready for the visitors), I would sit up, looking at the ward doors as they swung disgorging so many strangers every visiting time day after day, until at last the penny dropped, nobody was ever going to visit me, I was unloved and alone again.

Then being totally embarrassed that nobody loved me or cared about me enough to visit me, as the first visitors arrived, I would slide down into the bed, so that I was totally hidden by the sheets and there I would remain until the bell rang and visiting was over.

Then one evening suddenly the sheet was pulled back and there stood the nurse in charge of the tea cart. She stunningly suddenly kissed me on the forehead, and said “Don’t worry you will be safe with me just stay still". She then wrapped me in a blanket picked me up and carefully slid me under her cart onto her lower shelf, placing my head on a pillow, off we went, delivering tea to anyone who wanted it.

At every stop I received a kiss on my head and every lady we stopped at said how handsome I was, could they touch my blond hair, so many wanted my hair and long eye lashes and how they would take me home.
At the end of the journey I was returned home to my bed and hugged and kissed goodnight. I was in total heaven and Venus had started her control of my life, at last I knew love. Every evening I was enveloped in beautiful perfume and hugged, touched, and kissed I at last not only knew love but was firmly in love with love.

My downfall had begun.

As always in my life the wonderful days were soon ended as the disliked Mummy and Daddy came to take me home to the House of Pain.
Five boys had arrived into the Ward with kidney problems with me and only two survived one being me. I totally fail to understand why God chose to take the others and not take me from my living hell. The other boys were loved and needed, had they been good in a past life and rescued from this hell? Had I been bad and therefore left to suffer and repent for crimes that I had no idea I had committed.

Ask a small antelope just as it is being eaten alive by a Lion if this world is heaven or hell, the very fact that Nazi type people survive here on earth labels it as a hell.

Ask the people staring with blank eyes at us, out of the black and white photographs, through the barbed wire of the death camps, which were run by ordinary people, if this is hell we are in.

The other boys were loved and cared about so much, I remember one mother coming to me soon after her son had died, I was embarrassed as she was crying as she gave me David’s comics and kissed me leaving me wet. I wish I had died leaving her with her living loved son.

Among the comics was a fancy card with black edges and wonderful silver writing and I recognized David’s name. For years I kept this card and because he was my best friend in hospital I would often look at it feeling proud that I knew the boy whose name was on the fancy card.
As the years passed the card was lost or taken from me and now I sadly cannot remember his surname, and his face I knew so well fades into a background of Dandy and Beano.

I had been over a year away from school but on my arrival home I was soon back; the difference now was that I had tasted love.
Had the angel of my life, the nurse who with untold patience had wheeled me around the hospital kissing me, and loving me as much as a mother loves her son, leaving me with a love of perfume all my life. Had she done the right thing? She had taught me love and again in an instant I had lost it.

I remember being very quiet and hiding whenever I could in class, I was very sad, beaten, and again living without love or any bodily contact, I had nobody on my side who could help me, when a young lady in my class noticed me and putting her arm around me cuddled me better.
We were only six and we became firm friends. We knew nothing of sex it was a pure exploring love as two lonely and sad children found solace in each other, innocently holding hands and cuddling trying to keep the world away from us.

She had blond curly hair she always dressed well with a nicely pressed navy blue gymslip, her sweet face smiles at me still from the old school photos. I still love her with that childish love I never lost. She spoke with a nice accent so was easy to understand, telling me how much she adored our time together, as I stroked her soft hair while losing myself in the deep blue pools of her eyes.

I walked her home every evening after school which was sadly the opposite way

Fathers Love

to my home, which meant I was always late home and beaten again. This just did not matter as I had managed to find love again; I had many cuddles and even an odd kiss.

We had an innocent pure love for each other which supplied an answer to each other’s needs, so we cuddled and cuddled on the way home, walking closely together every night, through Wanstead park with the singing of the many birds, and the smell of the damp ferns around us.
I so wish that we could have married right there and then, and lived our whole lives together, loving each other until we died without the need for any others.

As I stated before nothing good or nice is ever left alone on my life and like a curse because Daddy could not stop hitting me and there was a real fear that he would kill me, something had to be done.

The solitary confinement was not working as he would remember me, and come bounding into my bedroom full of vengeance that I could not understand.

I was taken to my Grandparents and cousins as Mother desperately tried to dispose of me, getting me away from her love Stanley, sadly nobody wanted me, nobody had room for a small boy.

My real father was not approached with the problem as they that is Mummy and Daddy might lose their house, yet luckily for them he had died.

Celebrating this good news the problem of me became much easier and an orphanage was the answer, a good ready-made dumping ground for unwanted kids, they also keep the house Mother had worked so hard for and suffered so much for.

I was taken away from my school love, without even the chance to say goodbye and dumped into a disgusting orphanage, just south of the Thames River.

There I was totally abused for over a year and ended up with leaking shoes, and rags for clothes. Family did not care about me, so why should this bunch of strangers just trying to earn a living surrounded by smelly noisy disobedient kids.

I had learned what it is to be loved, and to love, suddenly I had to learn to live again totally unloved, and untouched, yet again I managed to shut my mind down, and exist day to day, hoping at the age of seven to join my friend David in Heaven.

The months passed as I lived in this world of silence, of abuse, just existing, I never heard my name as the staff had no reason to remember the names of the children in care.

I think that my bright blond hair had made some impression, as one day after I had been there well over a year they called my name. I did not react as it meant nothing to me, I heard it called again another twice then a sour faced nurse suddenly prodded me hard in the back saying “That’s you,” I guess she had remembered me because of my hair.

My Mothers Brother Uncle Greg had come to visit with some comics (Which I was not allowed to even touch). It seems that he was totally stunned at my condition, this thin ball of rags, this Zombie child, and feeling that anything was better for this sad faced kid than this he set about working on Mother to retrieve me.

Always sharp about money the Mays had given me my inheritance when I was dumped into the orphanage, which was a new overcoat several sizes too big and some shoes the same, too big.

I had never had new clothes before, or even any money spent on me, and when they had bought these for me I knew all was not well.
Some months after Uncle Greg’s visit, Mother suddenly reappeared at the orphanage.

My name was called; I knew my name now as Uncle Greg had made several visits. I put my hand up in answer, and a nurse come over saying “Stand up and follow me Mays,” along we went to the paneled entrance hall expecting to see Uncle Greg, but instead I was stunned to see standing there my very unloving Mother, who I did recognize.

I had been in the orphanage a long time yet as soon as mother saw the coat full of holes and the shoes without any soles she screamed very loudly at the nurse “Those were new when he came what have you done to them?” Once started she could not be stopped and continued screaming for the boss and some refund, she screamed to know who had worn my shoes.
I was at last having fun seeing all these people who had made my life hell for so long run about trying to hide from this enraged woman, cowering in corners and ducking into any available doorway totally unable to even slow the tirade issuing forth from this “Mother”.

Eventually we left heading to Wanstead, as she half lifted me down the road by one shoulder, she was still mumbling about the cost of shoes. So with my shoes flopping making a click, click sound and the shabby overcoat leaving a trail if small cotton droppings as we walked, heading to the Tube Station, and onward to the house of pain.

I was on parole and soon back to solitary confinement.
I was back in the very comfortable position of not remembering about being loved or loving, and just settled back at school, being grateful every day that God had given me a friend Called Roy Kilcast, to help me through the life I totally did not understand.

I had now tasted this wonderful thing called Love, which had been snatched from me twice by Mummy and Daddy who in return gave me hate, and a disliked to even have me near them.

The photos of the time show them avoiding any contact with me, but as the law requires I was back at Aldersbrook School again and now in the latter part of the junior years, I had missed so much early learning, and had taught myself to read while in solitary confinement.

I was once again surrounded by beautiful girls and fell in love with Jennifer, and then Doreen, to name two who had along with many others a strong dislike of me. They suffered enduring the long loving looks, and the staring from me with an outstanding tolerance, but gave not any sign of the love to me I now looked for.

Slowly appearing in my mind was the exact girl I was looking for, she had long dark curled hair, dimples, small breasts, she would be well spoken, and know how to dress well. I knew exactly how my soul mate would be so now all I had to do was find her.

I searched as I lived my life and eventually became sexually entangled with a girl who was nothing like my love.

After a short marriage and a terrible divorce I continued my search.
I had tasted love, and the warmth of having someone care about me, so I pressed on with my search.

I had started my own garage business and it was doing well. I never cheated anyone and word spread fast that I did a good job.
I would work long hours as I was still alone in life and still looking when suddenly late one evening, a girl entered the garage. In that very instant I knew it was my soul mate, my love.

Her name was Catherine and I was soon deeply in love with her.
Everything was perfect, her dark curled hair, her figure slim with small breasts, she was a Librarian, she spoke French, and she was educated and well spoken. Her short blue and white kilt was the height of fashion, she was perfect.

I was shaking as I casually talked to her about replacing her clutch which had gone in her car.

I casually offered her a lift home, and thank God she agreed. Very bravely and stunningly I asked if she was involved with anyone. The answer was no and I was in heaven, the frog had a chance to win the princess.

We ended up in a Hotel restaurant and booking a room for the night, she was perfection even down to her underwear. Within days we were together and deeply in love, from past experience I knew it would not last, but as we swore of our love for each other, I felt that it might just last forever, I prayed with all my soul to God that it would.

She was so beautiful I would sometimes look at her, wondering why she picked me, the frog, yet I had at long last everything I had ever wanted.
As always we had to live in the world, and after three glorious years, the Devil came, directly from ITV’s Yorkshire Television and promised her he would make her a star.

After a surprisingly short time of many “Up skirt” shots and being able to screw her easily using the stardom carrot, she was dumped, back on the street.

I had been hurt so very much, only just surviving a suicide attempt, so I refused to allow her back into my life, probably the greatest mistake I ever made in my life.

I was now unable to ever love again and after tasting the best of love, I again had no love in my life.

After ten long years I was at last healed enough to be able to react to other women, and settled down to a wonderful friendship relationship.
I had again learnt over the years not to need or want love, strangely the lesson had been taught to me when I first tried to walk towards my Mummy, and was rejected, then confirmed to me when I was never visited by my Mother in Hospital, yet it had taken me almost a lifetime to learn that we do not need love in anyway to be able to live, and in fact quite the opposite we are much better without it.

I am positive I heard God laughing every time I was deprived of love, and it was taken from me, while I blundered on yet again seeking this useless thing called love, he must have been amused, I always was a slow learner.
So at last after all these years I am free form the affliction of love and am extremely happy to be so, I do not love, and I do not look for love, life is so easy and so much better.

Love in ninety percent of cases will only hurt and destroy your life, please take the advice from an old man and never look for it and if you feel it happening please run away as fast as you can, love is of no use to you, forget it and enjoy your short time on this earth, there is so much to do and see. When you see a sunset and want to share the experience, just talk to the person alongside of you as anybody will do, the wonder you see is in your mind, and cannot be shared anyway so just talk to anyone. In this sad world there is always a lonely soul willing to listen.

Father was deprived of his love and settled down to invent Television probably one of the greatest inventions of all time. He sadly never was able to get over that love, and spent precious hours of his life pursuing the stupid and elusive love. I have copied him by spending far too much of my life looking for love and write this in the hope it may rescue someone from the clutches of an early death by LOVE.
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Sparky said:

Gordon, I wish you had that love of your life now. She sounds so wonderful and is so beautiful! And what a great write up you gave, really emotional and personal. You know I am your best friend and I will tell you the truth. But you can find love in other means and other venues. Your writing is so great, I think it replaces the love you truly want. Think outside the box about this, like you told me. Love yourself and your talents. That's the best love of all. Love, Sparky?
Thu,06 Sep 2012,07:00:24 GMT

Gordon Mays Baird said:

I adore the idea and will be in touch as soon as possible.
Sun,26 Aug 2012,08:38:59 GMT

Rosemary said:

Hi Gordon, I would have appreciated the chance to have a 1 2 1 chat with you if you are interested in this. But anyway, please be happy in whatever way suits you. And thanks for replying
Sat,25 Aug 2012,14:13:15 GMT

Gordon Mays Baird said:

Thank you for your support it means so much as I stumble among the dark trying to understand the light.
Thank you again
Sat,25 Aug 2012,09:17:11 GMT

Rosemary said:

Thank you so much for this. You have a perception of life and people that few have. Many so called therapists and psychics are quite naive about people. You get it right.
I wish you every happiness and blessings. Thanks again.
Sat,25 Aug 2012,00:23:23 GMT
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