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Rescue Circles Part 56 The continuation of the Lady's soul rescue

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Mon,18 Jul 2011
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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When Helen Greaves was wondering whether she could really help the angry Lady whose spiritual progress seemed to be blocked by her past resentments, the Franciscan Friar came again to encourage her: "So you are in doubt as to your acceptance of the task as intermediary? It is very natural. I believe that at this stage, some further explanation is due to you, and I will endeavour so to reach your understanding that we may become united and harmonious in the Act of Mercy.

"I am known as a Way-Shower, though I dwell in the Regions of Light and learn there and sometimes teach newcomers there, part of the service which I sometimes teach newcomers there' Part of the service which I am honoured to perform is to take thought journeys into the Shadows and into the half-way regions, and from thence conduct any entities ready to set out upon the Way, after repentance and reparation, towards the Planes of Light. There is, as you may understand, a constant stream of souls passing upwards. Some have graduated even from the lower hells, some have realised their state and by constant effort have changed their thought patterns, have made reparation for their mistakes and so have gone forward into Light. Some remain stubborn and unrepentant and refuse our aid. In this category we must place your present visitor. You have already felt her unsettling presence and recoiled from it. How much more would you recoil, my Friend, at the
abode from which I have brought her by thought!

"The Boy, whom you have now met in your inner mind, and whose life span on your earthly plane was short (15 years), restricted and extremely difficult, is a progressed soul. He has already graduated to the Plane of Learning, and he offered himself to me for service. Thus he accompanies me on some occasions to the lower Worlds. He is not yet allowed to proceed there alone, for there are many dangers which he could encounter, without sufficient knowledge, experience, and power to meet them safely. On one such visit he found her, who had been his earth mother. He was devastated at her plight, for although she had been cruel to him and he had been half-afraid of her, he had ever held a kind of dumb affecion for her. There had been a strong soul-link between the two, forged in other soul experiences, a link which had, alas, not been harmonious. It was essential that this disharmony should be dissolved by love, but it was not accomplished in the
relationship on the earth of son and mother.

"When the boy passed from your plane and was awakened in the heaven World, he learned of the failure and was sad. He tried to send radiations of love to her to help her later years, but he could not reach her. Then she, too, left her physical body. His one aim now was to find her, and for that purpose he brought all his compassion to aid him. But he was not successful, because she had brought over with her into her new Life the same resentment and bitterness and selfishness with which she had faced the death-call. The barrier between them seemed insurmountable. Then, on our visit, he found her. But she did not recognise the progressed Boy. He was far removed from the pathetic retarded youth who had drowned in the water of the pond in their house grounds. She repudiated him. The Boy, her son, filled with love and compassion and with a great desire to help her to progress from her uncongenial abode, set his case before the Council of Wise Ones
here. The records were searched. A clue was discovered in the soul pattern of the simple, undeveloped woman who had been his mother's maid and who had loved the Boy. The servant had also left her physical body, but had remained [earthbound] unaware of this change. She was not unhappy, as her Mistress, neither had she found herself in the suburbs of hell. She had clung in thought to her old form, and to her material abode, your present cottage. She was what you would call earthbound.

"The pattern began to link together. A Plan was conceived by the Wise Ones, and the Word went out for an 'intermediary'. Thus were YOU drafted to the cottage, unaware of the Pattern and Plan to be worked out. You will understand the rest...your consciousness of the maid and the appearance of the Boy, as well as the charge we have laid upon you to help in this rescue of the Boy's mother. May you fulfil this. May you by your gift of inner sight and hearing serve as the link for the release and progress not only of the ignorant earth-bound woman's soul, but also for this soul in its own tragic purgatory. You and I will act together as 'Mind and Soul' Channels. Realise that I am at hand to help you in any difficulties. Try to conquer your instinctive personality-reaction to this tormented but unrepentant soul. Presently, she will 'see' you and a mind-contact will be made. I trust you will accomplish the mission for which your soul has asked
and that the minor reactions of your personality will be superseded by the reality of soul-love."

A few weeks later on a cold February afternoon in 1972 while Helen was recovering from a bout of 'flu the Friar returned to explain that the Boy's Mother, now dwelling in the fringes of the lower Astral worlds, or the worlds of desire, was hating her surroundings, loathing and scorning her fellow prisoners and wasting her spirit in longing for the comforts and beauty of her earthly home with all the privileges that material wealth could supply. This was but a selfish yearning after the ephemeral luxuries which she had never appreciated when she had possessed them. But it was still desire, not a true assessment of her own position or of the results of her actions. There was no change of heart, no softening of pride, no remorse. Desire still held her on the lowest rungs of the ladder of progress and bound her there with its chains. Until this longing for earthly things was dissolved, she would be unable to face herself, or to assess her failures
and successes in the light of a more spiritual understanding: thus she was holding herself back from progressing towards that very beauty which was a quality of her soul.

"There is free-will," concluded the Franciscan. "No compulsion to review one's actions, no interference, no punishment, except as she attracts that which she has made her own to herself; no time-limit to her sojourn in those worlds to which her state of non-grace has brought her. Only is there Love, the Law of the Creator. And this Love will conquer, my Friend."

As a helper living on earth, Helen realised that until the Lady, the former Mistress of the House, was purged of her defiance, she would never be able to face the records of her earth experiences. These examinations were difficult enough for ordinary 'good' folk. How much more frightening for one whose conscience was seared by their recollection. Was this defiance an indication of deep fear?

One Saturday evening a couple of weeks later, Helen was sitting by the fire listening to some vocal music on the radio as she did some sewing, and noticed the presence of the Lady, listening to the music too.

"It was quite obvious that she had no idea of the origin of the music, nor indeed, where she herself was. She did not see me, and if she recognised my cottage sitting room from her previous visit, she gave no sign. She was still clothed in the stiff, black silk, wide-skirted [Victorian] dress in which her maid had remembered her. The expression of her face was warm, moved by the harmony and beauty that filled the cottage. She looked 'alive', glowing, uplifted. For some minutes I watched her, wondering if I was truly seeing her, even in my mind's eye. She looked different, released in some way....Very soon her thoughts came into my brain: 'I am dreaming. It is wonderful! So wonderful! I am away at last from squalor and misery.' Here her mind was choked with emotion. I could feel her tears. In my heart I prayed for help and release for her. She was thinking 'Oh God, don't let me go back there, ever. Let me stay in this beauty.'

"Presently I became aware of her son, now a shining figure of Light. He stood beside her, yearning for recognition. Deliberately he took a position within any line of vision her 'sight' might have. The light of his illumined countenance flowed forward and encircled her, recalling her consciousness from absorption in the music. She sighed and moved. But she did not see him. Twice I felt him call her gently. 'Mother'.

"She made no sign of having heard, nor was there any implication of recognition in her expression." At that moment the music programme ended and was followed by the Saturday night play. By the end of that programme the cottage was empty of 'visitors'.

So we have two types of rescue work going on in Helen's cottage: the helping of an old earthbound servant to move on the the spirit world, then the reformation of the spirit of the Lady of the House already in the spirit world, but stuck in Limbo in the low Astral by her own desires, resentment and inertia. Helen was contributing her part on the earth plane, just as our rescue groups and home circles do. Then a guide (the Franciscan Friar), and a helper (Lady's son) were both doing what they could from their side in the spirit world, backed up with the energy of the group of older souls from a higher level of existence. The book by Helen Greaves "The Wheel of Eternity" describes the gradual process of releasing these two "lost" souls, and provides further techniques for rescue groups to study, adding to the comprehensive list of titles already mentioned in this series. I will continue to summarise the main events of this case in the next episode, but
serious students should obtain their own copies of "The Wheel of Eternity," "The Testament of Light" and "The Challenging Light" to obtain a more complete understanding of this type of work, and of the worlds of spirit life 'beyond.'

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