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Dolores Cannon's Convoluted Universe Book Three, Chapter Three

By:Dolores Cannon
Date: Tue,26 Jul 2011
Submitter:Stephanie Bell

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The bulk of my hypnosis work during the past thirty years has been therapy. I realize my job is to help the person who comes to see me find explanations and relief from their problems, so they can live a normal and fulfilling life. So they can move forward without the load of the “baggage and garbage” holding them back.

This is my main focus. I take the client back to the appropriate past life so they can understand the source of their problems in this life. Of course, along the way my work has taken many twists and turns, and has brought forth the mind-bending concepts that I am now writing about. In this chapter, I want to cover a few, a bare minimum, of typical therapy cases and their connections with past lives.

At the beginning of November 2006, I had two cases back to back dealing with child abuse. One was a man and the other a woman, both affected very deeply by their experiences. The man remembered constant beatings from the age of two until he left home at the age of 18. He still held great anger and resentment towards his father.

The other, the woman, had blocked out all memories of events that occurred before the age of 17. She was sexually abused and molested by her father from the age of 4 or 5. She also held great anger and resentment, because she thought he had destroyed her life. After she left home, she attempted to go to college, but everything was too much for her. She turned to drugs, alcohol and prostitution. When she came to see me (she was 29) she had reached her lowest point and desperately needed help. She had attempted suicide and had been institutionalized. The drugs and alcohol had affected her body, especially her kidneys. She had to have one of them removed. Her remaining kidney was not functioning effectively, and she was experiencing toxins and physical effects. (The subconscious said she was trying to kill herself to put an end to her suffering.) She was in a deep depression and wanted to sleep all the time, which was difficult because she was trying to raise three children by herself. She was also into self-mutilation, cutting and scraping on her body. It was obvious she hated her body (although she was beautiful, she saw herself as ugly), and was trying to destroy the offending part of herself. Both of these people were miserable, sad, and depressed.

When they left my office, their entire lives had been turned around and they were ready to face the world with hope instead of despair, because we found the cause of their problems. Each was different, yet similar. The man went back to a battlefield in World War I. He did not want to be there. He said the recruiters lied to him. They told him it was going to be a short war, and he would not have to fight. Yet here he found himself in the thick of it. There were bullets firing all around, bombs going off and deadly gas filled the air. Soldiers were dying all around him. He said his brother was there somewhere, but he couldn’t see him because of all the smoke and confusion. My client was the one who wanted to go to fight in the war. His brother had not wanted to, and he had talked him into it. Since he was so frightened, I assumed he was probably going to die out there during the battle. When I moved him to the last day of his life, he surprised me by saying he was old, and dying in bed. He had survived the war and made it home safely, where he married and had a family. His brother, however, had not been as fortunate. He was killed during the war. Of course, he felt guilty about this, because he felt his brother would have been alive if he hadn’t talked him into joining the Army with him. When we got to the subconscious, it said his brother had come back into this life as his present-day father. The brother came in with much anger and resentment, because he felt he had been cheated out of his life. He was determined to make him pay back what he had taken from him. The best way was to take his life away from him, or at least make it as miserable as possible. This explained the unprovoked anger that the father exhibited toward the young boy. Of course, the father is to be pitied because he was incurring a great deal of accumulated karma by coming back with this unresolved anger. When the man understood the connection, he was able to let the father go, to release and forgive him, thus tearing up the contract and cutting the ties. After much work, he left a changed man. He also had been suffering from severe back pain from his neck and shoulders down into his lower back. It was obvious this was caused by carrying this heavy load around for fifty years. He was now able to release it.

The woman’s connection was different, yet similar. She saw herself in war-torn Germany in World War II. There were soldiers fighting in the streets, but they were not fighting other soldiers, they were fighting and shooting civilians. She was a female doctor and was trying to help some of the many people who lay around the streets bleeding and dying from gunshot wounds. The soldiers were acting crazed, and were raping the women before they shot them. They were also shooting the men and children. She said the ones being shot were presumed to be Jews, and this was their way of destroying them. Pure chaos reigned on the streets. She tried to help several of the people, but was pushed aside by the angry soldiers. At first, they did not try to harm her because they knew she was a doctor. But then the fighting and panic became worse, and she fled into a building and hid in the stairwell, watching the slaughter taking place outside. There they discovered her, and dragged her out into the street. At this point, they were acting totally insane and wouldn’t listen to anyone. They tied her up and many soldiers took turns raping her. Then they shot her in the head, killing her. When I had her leave the body, she saw that they threw her body on a pile of many other bodies. Then they set fire to the pile and burned them all. After death, she said she did not have any anger towards them, because she understood they were caught up in the emotions of war. They were doing their “man” thing. She came back into this lifetime with the plan of helping other people, to make up for her inability to help in that lifetime. Her present father had been one of the Nazi soldiers, the first to rape her. He had returned to repay the injustice by being her father, intending to raise and protect her. That had been the plan, but it apparently changed after he got here into the body. The subconscious said he got caught up in the ways of the flesh, and forgot his original purpose.

This shows that even though the incoming soul has a good plan and noble intentions to repay karma, life has a way of affecting them, and being human is not that easy. On the other side it always looks easy, like it would be simple to accomplish. But the incoming soul forgets that, because this is a world of free will, it will have to contend with the free will of others, and the pressures of being human dealing with emotions. So he was caught up in it, and regrettably accumulated more karma. Both of these men are to be pitied rather than reviled. Since the circumstances had changed, the woman’s plan had to be changed. She came in to help. She now would still be able to help, but from a totally different angle than she had anticipated. Her many terrible experiences were to prepare her to help other women who had been through sexual abuse. She would be able to help them because she understood it. Who better to help these victims than someone who “has been there, done that”? Her life could now turn around and she could also let go of the past, and move forward. Two different cases along the same line: child abuse.

Two cases where the reasons for coming back were to help, but it changed after getting into the body, and being exposed to human ways. The two not only had to forgive the offending fathers, but also to forgive themselves, which is often the hardest thing of all. An even stranger explanation for child abuse that also extended into marital abuse was explained by a series of lifetimes in a religious environment, monasteries, nunneries and convents. There under strict and unloving circumstances the belief was deeply ingrained that, in order to go to Heaven and be with God, one must suffer. And suffer these so-called “religious” people did. These beliefs were so much a part of my woman client that she could not let go of it, even though she had no conscious memory of it. And all the other people involved repeatedly in those lives returned with her to this one to play their roles as abusers. They created the same environment, because of the belief that that was the only way to get to Heaven.

This is an important point. Vows taken in other lifetimes are extremely important and carry great power, because they are usually taken with great conviction. Because they were not reneged during the lifetime, they carry over into this one. Some of the most common are: the vow of celibacy, chastity, which causes sexual problems in the present life. And the vow of poverty, which brings money problems. And now we discover the vow to suffer. The easiest way to release these is to leave them with the entity in the past who took the vows. To explain that they had importance and purpose in that lifetime, but are definitely not appropriate for the present one. Then the vows can be cancelled or reneged and the power of them dispelled.

A woman client had a series of car accidents, rear-enders trying to get her attention. “Their” method of waking her up seemed drastic, but I have discovered that if people don’t pay attention to the subtle hints the subconscious tries to drop, then more drastic measures are often required. They said they had tried for many years, but “she was very caught in old programs.” One of my students had a hard time understanding this, when I gave many examples during my hypnosis class of people having terrible accidents that left them maimed or crippled. Yet the tragic incidents did change the direction of their lives. My student said, “That could not be true. Spirit would never do that to anyone. They are there to help and protect, not to harm.” This is true. They are always watching over us and are there to help us. “We are always here, and that means everything. Every need is met. Every curiosity answered.” But how do we know the accidents are not part of the life plan?

When the person is on the spirit side in between lives, they consult with their guides, the elders and the masters, as they try to construct a plan for the type of life they want to experience upon returning to Earth. This, of course, is designed to pay off karma as well as how to grow and learn more, and also to help as many others as possible. Maybe it was also part of the plan that if the person forgot their mission (as often happens), that those from the other side would create events to pull them back to their soul path. So what appears to be drastic, is actually part of the plan that everyone involved agreed to. If subtle hints and intuitions do not work, then something stronger must be tried. It is all done out of love, although it may not appear to be so from our limited human viewpoint. During my lectures I always say, “Everyone has bad things happen to them. We cannot escape it. It is part of life. But when you look at it, really look at it, did you learn anything from it? If you learned even one thing, then that was the purpose of it.” No one ever said life would be easy. This is considered a very challenging planet. And the more lessons we learn the sooner we can get off the wheel of karma, and stop having to return here. We can then progress upward along the path, instead of spiralling round and round going nowhere.

A female client in her fifties was looking for the reasons for her severe illness: liver and pancreas problems. It almost killed her when she was 41, although it had been present in a less severe form all of her life. It was totally incapacitating, and the doctors at the time told her to prepare to die. There was no help, except maybe a liver transplant, and she was too ill to consider that. Even though they told her she would die, she refused to accept that. (That, of course, is half the battle.) Her life was saved when she met an alternative practitioner who specialized in kinetics, involving muscle responses. The practitioner changed her lifestyle, especially her eating habits and turned her life around. She was still experiencing some problems in the liver area, but not nearly as severe as a few years before. This was the main focus of the session, to try to discover the cause of the illness, and bring the body the rest of the way into full recovery. During the session, we discovered an unusual explanation for liver and pancreas disease. She went through two lives, each centering on the loss of a loved one, a man she was intending to marry. The first was in a dismal village community where there was nothing but sadness and defeat. She wanted desperately to escape from the unhappiness of the home life (cruel father, disinterested mother, and houseful of hungry children). She met an outsider who came into the village and expected to marry him. She went to the church in wedding dress and all her relatives were there. She was very happy at the prospect of marrying and leaving the area. The man did not arrive; she was left at the altar. Everyone in the family jeered and ridiculed her. “How dare she think she could escape and have a different kind of life. She is nothing, and no one will ever want her.” She had no choice but to return to the unhappy home. There she grieved herself to death and died, essentially of a broken heart. She thought there was no way out of the situation, which was probably correct in that time period. I took her further back to try to discover the reason why she put herself into that type of situation. She saw herself in another life, a tavern scene where everyone was happy. They were celebrating her engagement. But before she could be married, her fiancé was killed in a farm accident caused by a horse pulling a wagon. She was very unhappy, and never married. She died in her forties, alone but not friendless. Her subconscious said the reason for the illness in this life was to protect her from the same unhappiness. She had been terribly affected by the loss of her love in two lifetimes. So in this life, she would not even be allowed the possibility of marriage. If she was so ill, especially during the years of her life when she would most likely find a mate, then the odds were that she would not be hurt again. Her subconscious said she could very well have died at that time, but instead, the meeting with the alternative practitioner turned her life toward thinking about metaphysics. Thus, her life could take a more productive turn. So she was allowed to live so she could learn and teach others. Since there was no likelihood that she would marry now, there was no need for the illness, so the remnants of it could be taken away. (The symptoms were the same as what she died from in the second life.) Her migraines were also connected in the same way, and could disappear now.

A case of extreme depression and isolation from society (since childhood) was traced back through two former lifetimes. Although the man was born into a very large family (12 children), he never felt a closeness to any of them. There was always the feeling of isolation, and depression. This continued throughout his life: a feeling of apathy, of not caring, of being an observer on the outside looking in. He was treated by psychiatrists and put on medication for depression, but he didn’t think it did any good. Even natural remedies had no effect. One diagnosis called it “Freedom from harm” complex. In other words, to avoid being hurt, it was easier to shut down and not get involved with people or anything. It was a lonely existence, even his job gave him no satisfaction. He had never married, although he was physically attractive. He assumed his apathy and disinterest in life pushed women away. He did have one relationship where he was deeply attracted to a woman and wanted to marry, but it did not work out, and it made him more depressed. Another time a woman was attracted to him, but he did not respond. He thought his only solution was to commit suicide, and he was seriously considering this. He now had a girlfriend who was trying to understand him from a metaphysical viewpoint, and he was hoping it would work out. It was at her urging that he agreed to the regression. He was sceptical when the session began, and was smirking as though the whole idea was laughable, but he agreed to participate.
When we began the session, and I asked his subconscious to take us back to find the reason for his desire for isolation, he said he felt a thrill of joy, as though maybe it was time to find the answer. He was surprised when he felt the surge of excitement at the mention of discovering the reason for his problem. He went to a former lifetime that was surprisingly similar to the one he was living now. He was living in a small town (maybe out West) where he worked at repairing buggies and carriages. (He now worked at electronics and repairing machines powered by computers in factories.) He was a loner with no family, and felt like an outcast in the town. He was attracted to a beautiful black-haired woman, and suffered in silence as she did not return his affection. He was too withdrawn to make his intentions known. He was unhappy at his work, and nothing seemed worthwhile. The only place he seemed happy was when he went to a cliff overlooking the ocean, and he could sit there in silence getting away from everything. Later, even this did not offer consolation. Eventually, he could not take it anymore and shot himself in the head. Although hoping to end it all, we know that does not happen. Suicide only made things worse, because the law of karma says that you must repeat the same circumstances until you learn the lesson. And that certainly seemed true, as he tearfully said, “My life now is a repeat of that one. I didn’t escape from anything.” He thought the first woman that he was attracted to in this present life was the same woman from the other life, and she also rejected him. History was repeating itself. He was being dealt the same hand of cards to see what he would do with it this time. He was surprised later that he had been crying profusely during the sad lifetime of the man who repaired carriages, and ended up committing suicide. But where did that life come from? Why was he caught up in a cycle of repeating the same mistakes again? What created the pattern? I took him further back to try to find the answer. He went to a lifetime in the desert. There was a group of nomads who wandered the desert from place to place with camels, etc., and set up their tents at various sites. He was a very beautiful young woman who was very much aware of her sexuality. She openly flaunted it and teased the men in the group. She enjoyed the effect she had on them, by offering them her charms and then withdrawing. But it finally backfired on her, when she went too far and the men did not think it was funny anymore. She was assaulted and raped so badly that she died as a result. So in the next life as the man in the town in the old West, he unconsciously felt it was safer to have no sexual feelings at all. To withdraw from any contact with other people. Also to know what it was like to experience rejection. This pattern continued into his present life because of the karmic debt of suicide. The two past lives had gone from one extreme to the other. He would have to find a middle ground in order to overcome the effects. One way to do this was to understand how it all happened, and to realize that suicide was not the answer. He had considered suicide several times in this life, but thankfully stopped just short of doing it. You don’t escape from anything.
Donna was a lesbian who wanted to have a child with her partner by artificial insemination. First they used the sperm of Donna’s brother so there would be a genetic connection, but the baby boy was stillborn. They tried again using the sperm of a donor who was not related, but of similar coloring and background. This time it resulted in the live birth of a daughter. Everything was fine until she and her partner had a falling out when the girl was about 8 years old. The mother took the child and would not let Donna have contact. This had resulted in much heartache. She naturally wanted some clarification. She was told that she and the little girl had been together in many, many lifetimes and there was great love there. The separation happened for a good reason, and for growth. They would be reunited when it would be appropriate. I asked about the little boy who was stillborn. “It’s the same soul. It had to do with lessons for the brother who was donating the sperm. And this child was not meant to have those actual genetic structures. It was, to say, a ‘dry run’, for the baby and for Donna and for her partner. And it was an experience, karmicly, for the brother who donated, but it was the same soul that entered the little girl.” The genetics were not correct, and when they used a different donor, the genetics were more compatible. It was the same soul, because it was meant to come into that family. I think if people could understand that, it would stop much of the grieving. When there is a death of a baby, and another birth soon after, it is often the same soul, because it has made an agreement or contract with the individuals involved. In the meantime, many lessons were available to be learned by all the parties involved.

A woman went through a past life as a man that was not very eventful, except that he was killed by a group of people. He had fallen deeply in love with a woman who was not considered to be in his class, so they killed him. Yet that did not kill the love and extreme emotion the man felt. The client said when she awakened that she had never felt such deep, deep emotion and love towards anyone. It was very powerful. After the man died, he did not want to leave the scene or the life. In his spirit form he went to where the woman lived and saw her weeping. He put his invisible arms around her and tried to console her, even though he knew she could not feel him. Eventually, he knew he could not stay there and floated upward towards a bright light. The farther he got from the scene the better he felt. Later when he met with the council on the other side and they evaluated the lifetime, they said he had learned a very valuable and important lesson. He was allowed to experience true love. He then had to prepare to come back, and to reenter the Earth scene. He was shown three different life scenarios, so he could make a choice which to experience as his next incarnation. He still thought about his lost love, and wanted to be with her again. He was told that love was what it was all about, but to experience the same relationship again would not advance him. He could be with her again, but in a different role capacity. That was what it was all about: switching and playing different parts, often with the same people. Thus we return again and again, switching back and forth in our role-playing in the next scenario.
The important thing to remember was that we could never lose that love. Death cannot separate us. It is just placed in another form, but it is never lost. Love is the greatest lesson of all, no matter how many challenges it must go through. We are always reunited in one form or another. To understand love and experience it is the ultimate lesson. Once we understand this, we can have love and compassion for everyone, for we never know which role they have chosen to play this time around. During one of my other sessions, I was told that many of our dreams are messages from our subconscious. And because they are delivered in symbols, they are very difficult for our conscious mind to understand. Many of my clients bring pages of their dreams to the session, wanting an explanation for them. The subconscious always says that they are easy to understand once you focus your attention on the symbols. Just as dreams are messages, so are nightmares. If the subconscious has tried to get a message across in many different ways, and the person doesn’t understand, it will try to deliver the message more forcefully in a nightmare. What better way to get your attention than to frighten you? You will definitely remember the nightmare if it causes fear when you awaken suddenly. The symbols then will be fresh in your mind, and can be studied more closely.

Following are selected questions asked during various sessions:
Q: What actually happens to a person when the body dies? I mean, immediately after.

A: In our human minds, we believe that we will be in contact with other spirit bodies who will direct us toward that path which we feel will lead us to God. We program the immediate after-death experience while we are here in our bodies. It is individual.

Q: When the body dies, is there any pain associated with it when the spirit leaves?

A: No. It seems that the spirit leaves the body shortly before the physical body actually dies. I thought of sudden death in war. There seems to be great confusion. Also other sudden, “accidental” deaths. In old age and in illness, the spirit takes trips out in preparation.

Q: Many people have told me that when a baby is born, the spirit doesn’t remain in the body all the time. Is this correct?

A: The spirit is aware of the time of conception, and it is possible for the spirit to “check in” on the progress of the fetus. It seems to enter at birth or shortly after. But because it is so connected to the spirit world, it does take “trips” to visit the familiar home. Sudden infant death seems to be when the spirit chooses to stay in the spirit world. Or perhaps stayed longer than the newly emerging physical body is able to operate on its own. It seems that we do need the force of the spirit in cooperation with the physical body in order to maintain physical life.

Q: Do you think sometimes it is a mistake? The spirit just doesn’t come back in time?

A: There doesn’t seem to be any actual “mistakes”!!! It seems that you need to believe that you can get back in if you so choose. It also seems that you need to give your consciousness permission to so choose to do otherwise.

Q: We don’t want to do anything to cause danger.

A: Danger! “Danger” does not necessarily mean leaving the physical body forever!

Q: When the baby is sleeping, is the spirit going back and forth to the spiritual plane?

A: That is the easiest time for the baby, yes. That is also what is happening to older people and those who are very ill.

Q: During these times, they are conferring with the spirit plane?

A: They are there.

Q: Can you give an explanation of Hell?

A: When you die, believing in your human mind that you are going to burn in the fires of Hell, your first experience will be what your mind has made for you. This experience, however, need not last. It will be what you see first. Your expanded self can grow in the positive good almost instantly. All it takes is recognition. But if you believe that you will go to Hell when you die, that is the first thing you will be aware of. The Hell you have made.

Q: Then you won’t have to stay there?

A: No, you won’t.

Q: How can they be released from this thing of their own mind?

A: The greatest good, which for your terms we’ll call “God”. It seems that God is able to make manifest to each human consciousness, that which is necessary to open the door to enlightenment. Enlightenment means that you realize that you can create, with your consciousness, whatever it is you so desire, because you have the greatest force with you.

Q: What are we? We like to think of ourselves as a personality, an individual.

A: We are all a part of God.

Q: Is there really much difference between meditation and prayer?
A: There is a large difference. “Prayer” is consciously directed energy. “Meditation” is being open to what comes in. Prayer is directing, not so much asking. Prayer means to consciously direct your thoughts which are your power.

Q: Then prayer is a real thing?

A: Prayer is definitely real, and it is definitely powerful.

Q: Some people use empty prayers. They just repeat things. They really don’t put anything behind it.

A: That is because they are limited by each of their individual definitions of the term.

Q: In some churches, they just recite things and there is no meaning behind it.

A: The church isn’t a good place to find legitimate prayer. We are only now learning what prayer really is. As each of us has more power than we are aware of, when we come together to direct our thoughts to a certain goal, we have greatly magnified power. The churches had the right idea in forming a place where people could come together and greatly magnify their power to the greater good. Unfortunately, the direction got lost.

Q: Do they have to pray to an entity or to anyone in particular?

A: Prayer means to “Think your conscious thoughts toward a specific goal.” You can pray toward the negative as well as the positive. It is hoped that it would always be toward the positive. The positive force is the greatest force.

Q: You don’t have to direct it toward a god or another entity?

A: That is where man has messed up. The Force is all. To limit it to an entity is not correct. Aim it to the “glue”.

Q: Then they don’t need to pray to a god and ask for help in that way?

A: Oh, no! God is not “a being” or “an entity”. God, as you are speaking of God, is the great positive force, the collective positive force of ALL THAT IS. To call God “an entity”, and especially to personify God, is to limit the concept.

Q: Humans are so used to thinking of it as a higher person.

A: That is correct. That is one of your largest problems.

Q: Then when we use the force of prayer, we don’t direct it to any one thing. We just direct it to a goal?

A: Correct. The goal of merging with the greatest good, the positive force. The glue of the universe! That is an appropriate term.

Q: What about praying for protection of other individuals?

A: What you are actually doing is praying that the positive force be conscious of that individual. You are praying for awareness of the positive force.

Q: But it does no harm to direct it toward a “figure” we call God, does it?

A: It only limits it (the concept).

Q: What about angels? Some people pray to angels and saints.

A: Those terms are also limiting. We are all operating through physical minds. There are many concepts incomprehensible to the human brain: “Foreverness”, “Eternity”, are concepts very difficult for the limited human brain to ascertain. So if it is helpful to the individual to think in terms of “Angels, Spirits, and Gods,” that should be the vehicle to get them to the larger understanding. It should not be the end.

Q: I have heard so many theories. I have heard that when the world was created, the angels were those spirits or souls that never left the sight of God.

A: To use terms like the “sight” of God is already personifying the force. The force can manifest however it can be received by the human mind. This is all coming from the “God Source”. All is from God. Any negative things have been made up by man.

Q: How do you define angels?

A: They are those who are in service to this humanity. In the most general terms that’s how we define them. As there are several levels of – by levels we do not mean superior or inferior. We mean levels in the service that they render to humanity. But this group is dedicated to the welfare, to helping, those who have chosen to incarnate in this place.

Q: I’ve heard that they have never had physical existences. Is that true? (Yes) So they help the ones who have agreed to become physical.

A: That is correct.
Q: Would it be helpful to meditate at any certain time of day?

A: Yes. The time before sunrise, when the day is not day and the night is not night, there is a stillness and a darkness and a peace. The whole Earth is aware of this time. So is everyone else. So are the animals and the plants, the winds and the waters. This is the optimum, premium, easiest and best time to meditate. – Of course, it is not always the easiest time for the human who is working!

Q: Would there be a second best time of the day?

A: Yes, early morning. Any early morning time seems to be a good time. The other time seems to be when the sun sinks from sight. When we have that twilight period, there is also a stillness that occurs, that we as humans are also aware of. That, too, is a good time. There is no bad time to meditate! Any time a human will use the discipline to do it is a good time.

Q: How can we be sure if the thoughts that come through in meditation are our thoughts or coming from higher planes?

A: It is the amount of emotion and feeling that is connected with that thought. Random thoughts that occur and flit through your mind about things past, things desired, speculations, hopes and dreams, do not have the emotional impact that impressions from your larger self have. The feeling is your key. If you just think the answer in words, with no feeling, it needs to be critically analyzed. It seems that feeling is essential.
Asked about whether humans are assisted with inventions.

A: Humans are able to plug into the need for a certain thing and the conscious thought that has already been generated around that certain thing. It is like a physical blob. People who have concentrated on the problem (this is the blob), have opened themselves up to receiving and actually connecting to this thought form. Now, many of them aren’t aware. Just because they concentrated on it a long time doesn’t mean they necessarily meditated or prayed. They may just have thought about it a whole lot. To those people, the invention or idea for the invention may have come in a dream or a flash of insight. Frequently you have read of inventors telling that when they waked, the answer to whatever it was, was there in their brains. This explains also why, in different parts of the world, people come up with the same new invention at relatively the same time. They simply plugged into that problem and the solutions that have been spinning around that problem. Humans create the problem and the solution.

Q: Even if it’s a radical idea that no one has ever thought of? Some inventions are ahead of their time. A: That is because you are thinking in terms of linear time. There is really no such thing as “before”. All exists simultaneously. Humans, and their limited human brains, put things in order. It is just about the only way humans can operate. They would be like mice running around in a maze if they didn’t make up these arbitrary structures for themselves.

About prophecy:
A: It seems that all are probabilities. It also seems that we Western humans seem to be so locked into outlines or hierarchies, ways of A, B, and C’ing things, that we have to measure, define, and delineate everything. So we have made a concept called “time”, and now we make a concept called “date”. It is inaccurate for humans to put dates and times on things, because that is not the way they are. It is only our human way of trying to figure out things. It is not accurate. Using terms like “October 26th” is a left-brained way of trying to handle impressions and operations that are going on. It isn’t the best way for making predictions.

Q: You know, humans have to have time frames.

A: They think they do! (Laughter)

Q: But it makes things easier.

A: It makes it easier, but it also adds greatly to the confusion about simultaneous time.

Q: About simultaneous time. Let me give you a kind of either/or. Let’s take 14th century Europe. In our time we have history books written about the events that took place in 14th century Europe. Does simultaneous time say that 14th century Europe is still going on, and that people are still somehow doing their things in a continuation of the 14th century? Or is the 14th century going on right now at the same time?

A: The information that the President would be killed in a crash before the election didn’t happen in this particular time and place. That does not mean it didn’t happen. It means that it didn’t happen in our focus. What happens and is happening in the 14th century has just the same probabilities as that one singular example of the President not being killed in the crash that we know of in this focus. Our history books are written about one focus.
Q: Other probable 14th centuries are occurring now, is that the idea?

A: Yes, and they are influenced by things that we do now, in the future, and may have done in the past, using those human terms.

Q: Is the 14th century kind of frozen in some way so the people don’t progress into the 15th century? A: Say you’re a 14th century person. You are not a “single” person. Just like if you stand in one place and look forward, and then adjust your body position one-half inch to the right, you now have a different focus. Look how many different focuses you can have just by turning your body in a complete circle. That is how many different probabilities can occur at the same time, anywhere, any time. It is a concept very hard for the human to grasp.

Q: It is difficult because we know that the physical body does develop from a baby to an old man. I can’t understand the concept of no time.

A: That is the focus you are aware of, but you also know a baby who didn’t develop into an adult. (Yes) Well, it happened to be that focus that you saw that baby in at the time. That same baby, in another focus, can grow old.

Q: That’s the part that’s hard for me to understand, because if it is all happening at one time, you know your own body is different at different years.

A: You only know one focus. This physical focus that we’re in here now. In another focus, Dolores Cannon might be a circus acrobat! But in dreams you are aware of some of your other focuses. We all are. We don’t look the same, we don’t have the same relationships, yet frequently we can identify ourselves in our dreams.

Q: Yes, but they say your dreams are symbolism.

A: Your life is symbolism. Symbolism is how we all live.

Q: Is it true that the only thing that seems real is the thing we are able to focus on at that time?

A: That is exactly right. That is why people can experience a past life for Dolores at this very moment in 14th century Sweden or wherever. That is exactly right. It is simply shifting the focus.

Q: But in my work, I have seen patterns of how one lifetime influences another life, and it seems to be going in progression.

A: Yes, in that focus there is always a progression. S: If you were to have an experience which was somewhat traumatic, if you sit and think about that experience 10 years later, you are experiencing simultaneous time. Where your mind goes is the time frame with which you are experiencing. The amount of energy you put into that thought puts you more fully into that time frame.

Q: When I do past life regressions, would that be along the same line?

A: Similar. What one would prefer in lifetime awarenesses would be to follow patterns which carry through from lifetime to lifetime. It would be like overlays. Take a base picture of self or soul. Take a clear page with a sock painted on. Take another clear paper, put the other sock on, so on and so forth until you have layers which are fully formed with the original page. Now if you choose a dirty sock, that is your choice. But you still have a sock.

Q: One thing we’ve been trying to understand in past life regression is, if the past life personality is in another country, and their native language is another language, why do they communicate with me in English?

A: They are using the brain circuitry of the present lifetime. The self automatically translates into comprehensive terms of the present.

Q: Is it possible to have them speak in their own native language?

A: It is possible if subject is fully drawn or in sync with that past life.

Q: Sometimes they do not know common English expressions when they are translating or whatever it is they are doing.

A: Because they are in sync with that past life. There is a blending, so to speak, of both lifetimes so that some of past life terminology blends with present life terminology. There is enough blending between the two to set up at that time a sense of almost confusion within self. They are in sync enough to be able to be aware of lifetime in order to be able to understand lifetime. They would have to be aware of that time period. But the basic brain functions are still rooted in present lifetime languages and awarenesses.

Q: But it is possible from time to time to have foreign words and phrases slip through? S: Oh, yes, yes.

A: And also with music. They were able to sing in their language of the time, which we thought was strange. Then it is possible?

Q: It is possible. What is impossible? An explanation of what is occurring when someone channels entities.

A: All who channel, those who do the channeling and those who channel, are aspects of each other. A way of comparison would be like an electrical circuit board. Each individual life or aspect is a point on that board. The electrical currents travel from one point to another, but only when that particular point or particular circuit is open does a connection occur. This circuit board would be a grand size for each oversoul. You are fully far more than just an individual circuit. You are connected by each. In order to channel through to another circuit, that electrical pattern must be the same. The importance of you as an individual self is most significant in that if you do not allow this connectedness to occur, that circuitry is cut off by one. In order to allow and experience fully that circuitry, the simplicity of energy, which is love, is most important. All the ideas of consciousness raising and becoming positive within your life, all it boils down to is self love. How can you give love if you do not feel love? How can you express and give away what you do not have? It is self love; call it self worth, call it self esteem, call it anything you wish. It is still self love. I am but a connection in the circuit, an aspect of the one who is channeling me. About reincarnation:

Q: If a person has left this life and believes that he is going to be reincarnated in another life, can he choose the time and place? Or is it out of his hands?

A: Nothing is out of your hands. You are fully and totally in control of your life. If you feel a drawness to a particular country or time, the soul, so to speak, will automatically program the desire into the self. Desire was there before conscious thought. “Oh, I would like to live in Tibet in 2002.” These thoughts are yours, these thoughts are your programming.

Q: Can you go backward into a life of 10,000 BC as easily as you can go forward into 2001? In other words, if time is simultaneous and we think in terms of linear time, can you go backwards as well as forwards?

A: Certainly.

Q: How is that accomplished?

Q: How? It is already accomplished. The world as you know it, reality as you know it, is fully formed. It is not a piece of a pie, or a pie crust still waiting to be filled and baked. It is the pie. Where you happen to be right now is only where your conscious thought happens to be directed. All is all, but to make things less confusing, and because of the nature of this reality, you are aware of right now. That does not mean yesterday is not or never occurred, or tomorrow is not or never occurred. It is now. Where you choose to focus is where you place you time, but all is.

Q: Suppose a person wanted to go back into a particular time period and make a historical change. Would it be possible then for a whole new future to spring from that change?

A: Wonderful question. Yes, it is possible. However, first it would take the strength of conviction that this can be done. It would take a fully aware consciousness, subconscious, superconsciousness experience in order to do this. That does not mean that present history would be different for those involved in that time. What it would do is cause an offshoot, a “Y” in the road. A creation of a different reality. But it would not necessarily change the reality for those involved here at this moment.

Q: It would be a probable reality? (Yes) Has that happened before?

A: Everything happens before, after, now. In order to have that ability, there would be a degree – for lack of a better word – a degree of awareness attained by that individual. This individual seeing and being aware and knowing the patterns of life, lives social events. History would also be aware of the lessons gained by or the awareness gained by, and the need for the souls to experience certain things. They go with the flow, so to speak. They would understand and have understood those patterns which are best, appropriate. They have gained the awareness of acceptance. Is that clear?

Q: Not completely.

Q: Do we choose our birthdate?

A: Yes, you choose.

Q: Even if someone were born by Caesarian section?

A: They chose a mother who would find it necessary to have a Caesarian section.

Q: Why is the birthdate significant? A: Everything in this Universe affects everything else.

Q: Do we have a specific goal?

A: Yes. There is within you that awareness of what that goal is. You are working on your goal, whether you are aware consciously of that fact or not. You are working on your goal. Becoming aware of what that goal is, is a matter of wanting to know. Sounds so simple. By becoming less concerned with running to this person or to that person for a little more information, and by becoming more fully aware and in tune with self by learning trust of self. By meditating, by all methods appropriate to you will you learn more. Learning self love is the final goal. Everything else that you would wish to attempt comes from, if it is to be fully realized, the ability to love self.

Q: What do you mean when you say “final”?

A: Final, ultimate. This is what this reality, this is what this existence, this Earth, human experience is about. Is to learn self love. This is what increases, what expands, what this reality can and does need and can thrive on: self love. This is what being human is about

Q: You seem to intimate that once that is achieved there would be other realities we would be going to. Is this what you’re saying?

A: Are there not other realities? (Yes) Do you think you are confined to this one?

Q: Then you couldn’t call it final.

A: Not final, no. This is the prime goal. This is the purpose – purpose, that is the word – for human reality.

Q: Roughly how many lifetimes does it take to learn self-love?

A: How many? We would wish not too many, but in the long run, does it matter?

Q: How in the world did this particular reality get so far off the track that we were taught that self love is a no-no?

A: You chose it.

Q question about twins:

A: The decision is made with the other soul out of love. You can’t get any closer in the physical plane. Because you have identical DNA, and your thoughts primarily work the same way. They’re not, of course, the same thought, but the process is so similar. But there’s already a framework and you don’t need to fill in all the spaces, because you know. They wanted to come back with someone they loved, rather than coming alone. And these are difficult times. They needed that type of companionship because that’s a constant. And there’s not much constancy in these lives. During a demonstration session at one of my hypnosis classes the person wanted to know about her twin, who had died. The subconscious said that she had completed what she was supposed to do, “She did her lessons, and it was time for her to go.” This is easy to say, but it still doesn’t make the grieving any easier. “It hurts her very much. It’s going to hurt her for a long time. With twins, there is almost like a gold cord, if you can picture that. A very fine gold cord that attaches them. And even in death – or what you call ‘death’ – it doesn’t sever totally. So they will forever be part of each other.”
I found an explanation years ago for Siamese twins (which are now called “conjoined” twins). Suppose two souls, while on the spirit side getting ready to return to the Earth school, are discussing their contract with each other. They have loved each other and been together during many, many lifetimes. Maybe something traumatic happened in the life they have just left. Now, one of them says, “We will never be separated again!” A simple request that produced unforeseeable consequences. And a very logical explanation. One of my clients had a question about her birth. She was one of triplets. One was born dead, the second had a mental disease that required that it spend its entire life in an institution, and the third was the woman client. She wanted to know why this happened. The subconscious said that the first triplet changed its mind as the birth was occurring, and decided it did not want to be born at that time. This resulted in the stillbirth. The second decided after it was about two or three months old that it could learn more in this lifetime by being mentally handicapped. So it developed the mental problems. The mother had said that the baby seemed normal until it was about two or three months old, then something suddenly happened. The doctors did not agree, because they said the disease was always present from birth. It did not develop later. I think the explanation I have found makes more sense, because the soul has control over the type of body it inhabits.

Parallel lives.
Q: If each one of us are living in different planes of existence at the same time, is this what would be known as parallel lives?

A: That is accurate. In the sense that each of you, at this point in your lives, are simply facets of your true entire self. That is, your pinpoints of awareness. Your total awareness is far beyond anything you could encompass or imagine at your level. Therefore, it is easy to see that as your awareness grows, as you broaden your reality of the spiritual ladder, you find that your awareness overlaps with that of other individuals. Such that at the ultimate level, you are indeed on the God plane where all is one. Your awareness on your level is simply a drawn-out or focused pinpoint of that total spiritual awareness. And so it could be seen that at various levels, your awareness would indeed overlap with others. Such that ultimately, all is one. Therefore, all lives ultimately are concurrent.

Q: You said before we were just the tips of our own icebergs.

A: That is accurate. Rainbows are to remind us of the color of energy and creation. Just a reminder, there is way more than we can see with just the naked eye. The color of creation is all different levels of color that are beyond the visualization of a human being. It is just to remind us there was a time when this energy wrapped around us in another realm. This is a reminder of home, of the loving energy. This small reminder that there is more to the spectrum of color than what we actually see with the naked eye. Just a remembrance of home. I think we should bear in mind that when one of us opens up, it opens up something in all of us. We are connected. We are one. We are not individual, autonomous units. We have individual personalities, but in the bigger picture, we are connected. We should remind ourselves that we are all one, and that we are spiritual beings first.

A woman had died young in several lifetimes. The subconscious explained, “She learned many things that she needed to learn, and there was no point in going on.” She was living longer in this lifetime. “It’s taken her longer to learn her lessons this time. She forgets that she has to willingly release from this body. You always set up a way to exit the body in advance. There has to be a way to exit, and it can be whatever way you choose. Whether illness or accident, whatever fits in with the learning experience. But when it comes time to exit, the person decides, and willingly goes. No one else can make that decision for them.”

Energy in crowds:
There is a lot of mixed energy in crowds. You have to be careful to put up protection before going out in crowds. Sometimes the energy of crowds can latch onto you. If it does, it’s draining. You feel very tired. There are so many people that are hungry for energy, because their vibrations are not high enough for them to produce a good quality of energy. So when they find and sense someone with a high vibration they will latch on to that energy, and use that energy. It’s kind of like they’re suction cups. I have heard them referred to as “psychic vampires”. That’s a negative word, but it’s the same idea. They don’t do it consciously, but they do take energy. “You must protect yourself, even when you go shopping. Anywhere you go where there is a large group of people. It’s vitally important for you to keep your energy up at the highest level. Your body has an intelligence. Listen to your body. Talk to it regularly. It likes that. It likes to be recognized. Magnesium is very important for the body. With giving so much energy out, magnesium makes it easier for you to absorb more energy into yourself.”
A client came to my office who did not really have any pressing problems, and she didn’t care much about finding past lives. As we talked it became obvious that the death of her sister was still affecting her greatly. She wasn’t sure about an afterlife, even though she had been raised in a strict Church environment. It had been almost a year and she still spent most of her time thinking about her sister, crying and grieving. When we started the session, I thought it would progress as they normally do. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had found that she and her sister had been together in a past life. Instead she went immediately to a beautiful garden. There were wonderful flowers of radiant colors, and glorious music in the air. I knew from the description that she was probably not in an Earthly environment. When I asked if she could see anyone, she saw her sister coming towards her through the flowers. She was wearing a long gown and looked radiant and beautiful. They took each other’s hands, and her sister said to her with much emotion, “Let me go! You can see that I am fine!” “But what happened? We are thought you were getting better. But then you died.” Her sister replied, “It was my time to go. I had done everything I set out to do in that life, and it was time to go.” Then her sister said she had someone else for her to meet before she left this beautiful place. And their parents appeared looking healthy, young and happy. They told her, “You can see we are all fine. It is so beautiful here. There is nothing to grieve about. When your time comes you will come here also, and we will all be waiting.”
Sceptics may say that this session was only wish fulfilment because of her grief. But does it really matter? I have done enough sessions to know that it was real, and the meeting was a gift to her so she could go back to living a normal life. I have been told that grieving only holds the departed soul back, keeping it from going on to where it is supposed to go. When we grieve it is a selfish act, because we are only grieving for ourselves, for how our loss is affecting us. It does not affect our lost loved ones in the same way. They lived their life, they found a way to exit because it was time. They must now continue on their own path. They are more than happy to return “home”.

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