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Mediums and Psychic Researchers Part 5 Isaac Funk. Raymond Moody and seeing dead people. More from

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Fri,18 Mar 2011
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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Mr. Purchas led his home circle for seven years in
Johannesburg, from 1916 - 1923, at first with a civil
servant friend, Strangman, and then his wife as the
medium. Her clairvoyance developed as she continued
to receive messages by automatic writing.
The main communicator of spiritual philosophy, a
spirit calling himself "Superior," at one point
started talking about our reality on earth.

"We do not recognize evolution as it is accepted
in your earth theories. The nearest equivalent term
would, with us, be known as 'reintegration.' Unity
was the keynote of the universe, but as the result of
an accident, this was destroyed, culminating in the
'Great Break-up,' the universal disruption which was
the cause of the 'Great Duality.' That Duality has
persisted up to the present day, and has brought into
existence the two opposing forces whose constant
struggle against each other nullified all true
progress. Our object is to overthrow the forces
opposed to us, our enemies. These hostile forces
stand in the way of human and spiritual development.
The revelation of truth, if it can be given to
humanity, will bring the knowledge to you earth people
which will enlist your support against the hosts of
the enemy, and so assist materially in bringing about
their downfull. Then reintegration towards Unity
will go forward at an accelerated pace, and so hasten
the salvation of the earth world. This is already
taking place among the intelligences who inhabit your
sun. But no progress whatever towards this desirable
consummation has been made by you earth people,
because you lack the requisite knowledge.
We recognize that you have difficulties, but our
difficulties are infinitely greater than yours; in
fact, they seem insurmountable because of the initial
obstacle with which we are face - that is, effecting a
terranization of the terms of our knowledge; [that is,
interpreting and explaining them to you in your human
languages and in understandable scientific terms]."

This ties in with other messages concerning
evolution. Neither Darwin's theory of evolution, nor
the religious theories of creation are correct.
According to spiritual sources, Mankind did not leap
forward by genetic mutation from Chimpanzees into
human beings, nor did God create the world, and
universe, literally in a few days. Archeology dispels
that myth. The spiritual entities involved in
'creating' humanity, arranged the conditions and then
'materialized' the forms, just as we understand it
with materializations in physical mediumship, although
in the materialization of the human race, the forms
were more permanently established. This is also an
explanation of the term "virgin birth' which is not a
literal expression, but an explanation for
materializations from the world of spirit. The term
was somehow mis-used to apply to the mythical story of
the birth of Jesus.

In January 1917 the spirits predicted that the
Allies would win the war, "victory is already assured,
but so far as your hopes rest on the anticipation of
such a victory being followed by the better post-war
conditions you are expecting, you are clinging to a
pure delusion. You must be prepared to find the
after-war conditions of your world in many respects
distinctly worse than the pre-war state of affairs, as
difficulties will arise of which you have no present
conception, and human nature will show show itself to
be no better fitted to cope with them because the
curse of selfish aggrandisement will still afflict the

These messages, given exactly 90 years ago, were
coldly accurate predictions of the dismal state of
world politics from the end of World War I in 1918
right up to the present day.

After watching an interesting television program on A&E "We See Dead People" and seeing several mediums like John Edward, Colin Fry, George Anderson, Allison Dubois and James Van Praagh and reliable psychical
researchers like Gary Schwartz and Lloyd Auerbach at work, there is one thing that bothers me.

It is odd to note that psychiatrist Raymond Moody has spent most of his professional life exploring and writing about Near Death Experiences and communicating with spirits in his scrying or mirror-gazing techniques in his psychomanteum. Yet he still can't make up his mind and believe in an afterlife, in spite of having seen one of his deceased grandmothers in
the mirror, and having countless clients relate their experiences contacting dead friends and relatives.

Personally, I went over to the other side and met and talked with my grandparents and other spirits in an NDE when I was 11 and many years later Raymond Moody's books help remind me of the experience and make sense of it. I felt was not alone. Since then I have had many communications from other friends and relatives including my parents, so I KNOW that survival and the afterlife and the spirit world are realities, rather than just possibilities to believe in.

What infuriates me about these so-called experts who deny the evidence before their eyes is their patronizing attitude. "Whether it is true or not
is unimportant." they say. "What matters is that a belief in an afterlife is therapeutic. It makes the client feel good, provides consolation and hope and helps them deal with life."

What a bleak point of view! After all these many decades of psychical research, has it all been in vain? So many mediums and researchers have
dedicated their lives to the cause of Spiritualism. Is it all
just make-believe, like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy?!

I know WE know the truth, but mediumship and Spiritualism are still regarded by the mainstream establishment not as a reality but as fanciful
superstition, one of the mainstays of Halloween and Horror movies. Then again, fundamentalist Christians regard what mediums are doing as the work of the devil.

We can only persevere and continue to prove our point, giving real evidence and proof of survival to clients and sitters, one by one, and
in our public meetings, private circles and services. Most of the
other churches and religions have lost this living contact with spirit.

Some commentators have said that Raymond Moody and most of the other researchers would lose their credibility and professional status if they endorsed survival, the reality of the spirit world, and communication with the other side. But I would respond to that by saying that this pussyfooting has been going on for well over a hundred years! Enough already!
Here's what I mean to say.

I agree that professionals like Dr. Raymond Moody risk losing their academic
standing and credibility if they wander too far from the mainstream climate of thought. Exactly a hundred years ago Dr. Isaac Funk the editor and publisher of the Standard D ctionary of the English Language had
the same problem. He was involved in psychical research, the findings of which were published in his books, "The Widow’s Mite” and “The Psychic Riddle.” As his son Wilfred mentioned in 1953, “at his death my father
could not accept spiritualism as a completely proven cause. As a devout Christian, however, he believed in the existence of a life hereafter, and he did not think it wholly incredible that some form of communication might be established between that other world and ours. He urged that scientists with trained minds should undertake these explorations.”

It is significant I think that Dr. Funk did in fact communicate shortly after his death through Emily French, one of the mediums he had investigated back in
1905. Edward Randall, in one of his last sittings with Emily French talked with the spirit of Isaac Funk, and told him that because of his prominence, and
as one who had investigated this important subject for many years, he could have been a great force for good; that many people in this world were interested in him and his writings and were guided by his conclusions,
but that he had never published them in full. He had failed at the crucial moment and had nullified the good he could have done. This was a great misfortune not only to him, but to the world at large.

Dr. Funk’s spirit replied “I realize that now more than ever. It is a fact that I was afraid of the criticism of men of science. I now regret very much
that I did not fully publish my conclusions. In my
own mind there was no doubt.”

Let’s hope Dr. Moody will make the brave leap of faith, BEFORE his passing, and so encourage the mainstream public as well as the scientific community
to widen their horizons.

I might mention out of interest that we have at home here the 1907 seventh edition of Funk’s dictionary, which contains the authentic illustration
of the Widow’s Mite coin. The 1890 first edition used a later counterfeit coin in its illustrations, but a message from a friend in spirit of the owner of the
coins lent to Dr. Funk led him to find the coins he had forgotten to return, and before doing so, to check their authenticity and value with an expert at the US Federal Mint. It is curious note, also, that the 1964 edition of the authorized version of the Bible we have here at home continues to illustrate the Widow’s Mite with the counterfeit coin!

Richard R.

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