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ANTI-GRAVITY - The Dream Made Reality

By:John A. Thomas Jr.
Date: Fri,28 Mar 2008
Submitter:John A. Thomas Jr.

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John Roy Robert Searl was born May 2, 1932 in a very poor family in England. He was put in foster homes and separated from his brother and sister at the age of four. At the age of four and a half years old he started having dreams. The dreams came in pairs - first dream one, then a short time later, dream two; and they occurred twice a year for six years. The dreams stopped when he was at age ten. He knew the dreams meant something, so he worked at interpreting their meaning at age ten.

At 14 he made his first Searl Effect Generator (SEG). He was financed by an elderly Welsh gentleman by the name of George Hines. Mr. Hines believed in John and financed the first six SEGs that he built, all of which were lost. The first SEG was assembled in John's house at No. S Carl Street. It was a small unit and when he completed placing the magnetic rollers on the plates, it started to go faster and faster. As the SEG speeded up, it developed a field around it, lost its gravity, flew up and hit the ceiling! John was surprised because he was trying to make a generator, not anything that would go up in the air. Meanwhile, the SEG kept hitting the ceiling until it got out and it was lost. The five subsequent ones that he built were also lost because he didn't know how to contain the field that it generated.

As Prof Searl worked, he built a total of 40 levity disks. Many of them were lost in the begin ning until he learned how to control them. When he learned how to control the SEGs, after he tested them John would disassemble them to protect the technology. He would then try to use the parts for the next generation. The last craft done was Demo 1. Unfortunately, this craft, too, has been lost.

Deaf Ears
This technology has been offered to all countries. Back in the 70's, Professor Searl, a patriot, went to his country first. He went to the Queen and the Prince and said, "Would you take this, I can show you how to build this device to generate power and to actually make a new type of spacecraft or just flying craft to take the place of airplanes." They didn't want to see him. They thanked him very much. He has letters to that effect.

He has offered it to the United States. He gave a demonstration at Edwards Air Force Base. During the demonstration, he made a remote control turn to the tune of 25 Gs, which would kill anyone inside a jet plane. The people at Edwards said, "Well that would kill anybody inside a jet plane, and we don't want to see it, because it's just too dangerous, we can't use that."

Puzzled, he did a number of subsequent tests to determine internal G-forces. One which was fool proof. It had a vial of a radioactive element suspended in the apparatus that would break with a 2G force placed on it in any one place. He sent his craft up with that in place, and made all kinds of turns that should have just smashed it. When it came back, he tested it and it was still intact.

This demonstrated that the relativity inside this craft is not the same as the relativity that we ordinarily experience in standard aircraft.

In 1989, he offered this technology to Munich, Germany and to a group of scientists who received a grant to work on this technology. It's a research and development not manufacture inggrant to build a model so the SEG effect can be demonstrated. The manufacturing contract has not been let out. Manufacturing contracts will be discussed when we have the offers in place and we can talk to investors, showing the device in action.

Professor Searl always had the device with him at all his lectures this allowed him to demonstrate the SEG. They are all now destroyed except for two which have been given to people for health reasons. Two different individuals who were diagnosed as having lung ailments and only a matter of months to live. One of the benefits of this device is that it produces tremendous ion discharge. An electron discharge has the effect of healing. It will heal people's lungs and also has the benefit of ion production.

Professor Searl had been in an accident in which he was carrying a very hot pan of oil that was put on the stove mistakenly and he was trying to get it outside. Someone opened the door unexpectedly and it exploded. John was not only burned, but he was also bleeding. Fourteen days later you couldn't see a scar. So the SEG may have a healing effect.

The Man Who Keeps Dreaming
By Caroline Hamilton
The Chronicle / Wed. July 19th 1995

When Professor John Roy Robert Searl was only 4-1/2 years old he started to have innovative dreams.

The dreams came

in pairs - there was dream one and then a short time later dream two, which occurred twice a year for six years.

It is from these dreams as a young boy of 14 he says he built a device which defied gravity and flew up in the air and hit the ceiling of the room where he assembled it.

This came as a surprise because he was trying to build a generator not a flying machine.

This device he claims can make a better world for mankind by saving the atmosphere and our natural resources.

And that his secret technology can create a pollution-free generator to answer our energy needs and a Levity Disc, or Inverse G vehicle, which would open the doorway to safe and inexpensive space travel as well as efficient fast transportation here on earth.

He called this device a Searl Effect Generator (SEG).

The English professor is currently giving a number of lectures throughout Australia to gauge people's interest in his secret technology and with the hope of finding an investor.

For 30 years he ran his house in England on one of his generators until he was accused of stealing from the power company.

"They called it stealing electricity, because electricity was supplied to your house and you weren't using it," he said.

"You had electricity, but you were suppose to be using their electricity."

"Today, I assume, that if you put up a power generator of any kind, you could ask them to take off their electricity.

"But you couldn't in the time we're talking about - it was forbidden."

The professor was arrested and all the wiring torn out of his house.

The electricity board still could not figure out how he was generating the power, so they went back to the house and stole the generator.

They never returned the generator to him even after he made several attempts to retrieve it.

He was kept in prison for 10 months on various charges.

During his time in prison, the professor's wife destroyed all his work by fire because she could not cope with the publicity it was creating.

The professor said when they had finished his family left him high and dry.

Even though everything he believed in and stood for was burnt in the fires, he was determined not to dwell on it and get on with the future.

Professor Searl also believes the SEG to have a healing effect.

He said he had given an SEG to two individuals who were diagnosed as having lung ailments and only a matter of months to live.

"One of the benefits of the device is that it produces tremendous ion discharge," he said.

"An electron discharge has the effect of healing and it will heal people's lungs"

The professor said he had been in an accident involving a pan of very hot oil which spilt on him.

He said he was not only burnt but bleeding.

"Fourteen days later you couldn't see a scar - so the SEG must have a healing effect," he said.

His technology has been offered to all countries, but he claims there have been a number of efforts to discredit him and his work.

The professor offered the technology to his country first in the 1970s.

He went to the Queen and told her about his device and how he could generate power, make a new type of spacecraft or just a flying craft to take the place of airplanes.

However, his information fell on deaf ears.

He then offered it to the United States and gave a demonstration at Edwards Air Force Base.

During the demonstration, he made a remote controlled aircraft turn to the tune of 25 Gs, which would kill anyone inside the plane.

The people at Edwards said his invention was too dangerous.

In 1989, he offered his technology to Munich, Germany, to a group of scientists, who received a research grant to work on his technology.

But the grant was for research and development, not manufacturing.

The professor believes his work is a real and immediate threat to the financial well being of utility, airline and oil companies.

And today his work is done in secret because of this.

John Thomas, author of the book Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality, The Story of John R.R. Searl, Direct International Science Consortium (DISC) vice-president and technical representative for the professor, has made a plea for people not to turn a blind eye to this technology.

"We're looking for the visionaries of today to move ahead now in order to save the people of this planet," he said.

"We no longer have the luxury of saying someday, somebody else will do it."
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